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  1. Thanks after replacing the kext,LAN start working.
  2. LAN is not detected by MacOS BigSur. My system Configuration are Processor: I3 8100 motherboard: H310h5-m2 Graphic Card: RX 570 LAN: Realtek 8111H Gigabit Fast Ethernet Controller config.plist has been attached below as EFI size more than 5mb. config.plist.zip Screenshot 2020-12-20 at 10.26.57 PM.zip
  3. Hey plz help me to patch my DSDT. I can't upload Send me.zip as too large in size(~10mb). I am also facing restart problem when ever I turn off my system, it restart within 4 sec. System details- Motherboard-ECS H310-M2 processor- i3 8100 origin.zip config.plist.zip
  4. There is occurrence a weird glitch in screen, mostly when using chrome. Due to some problem my graphic are not working and system boot with black screen with cursor and when I bring cursor to centre it changes for password, but whole screen is black. System can be boot by entering fake id to 01660030 in clover menu,but it boots with black apple logo and white background and show 4mb graphics. And to make system boot with 01660003, I have to delete appleintelhd4000graphic.kext from s/l/e. than it show 1536 mb.But still dock is not transparent and glitch occur when opening multiple tab i
  5. hey plz patch my DSDT.I am using Dell inspiron 15 3521 Intel Pentium- 2127U laptop with intel hd graphics 4000. follwing patch are required HD4000 Low res. (GraphicsEnabler=No) - IRQ Fix - HPET Fix - 7-series USB - 7 series USB3 Multiplex - 6 series USB - SMBUS Fix - RTC Fix - AC Adapter Fix (with/without) - OS Check Fix - Brightness Fix HD4000 - Audio Layout ID 12 ( changed the 12 to 69) - Fix _Wak arg0v2 my runme fileSend me adiis-Air.zip clover CLOVER.zip DSDT file DSDT.aml.zip once agains thanx. my system show Intel HD Graphics 2500 1536 MB bu
  6. just try by enabling all Binaries patching from clover option, may be it could help.
  7. tried Intel HD 4000 config, still to much lagg and flicker in graphics when chrome browser is opened.the lag and flickering is much lower in firefox and safari when compared with chrome. i don't think mojave support my intel hd 4000 graphics as qe/ci is not working.
  8. Same error, now I am going for fresh installation of Mojave but 2.7 GB update
  9. Just install driver now kernel panic. error allocating 0x10ab8 pages at 0x000000003afef000 alloc type 2 Couldn't allocated runtime area. I have OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi by removing HD from laptop and mount on another computer but still problem persist.
  10. I have mini usb wifi adapter LB-Link which work smoothly under Linux and windows os(plug and play) ,but I am facing problem while installing in hackintosh. Under linux usb is been recognised as MT7610U. On Mojave under System Report it identified usb as wifi but still not working. System Report pic config.plistconfig.plist.zip
  11. graphic got fixed by deleting apple intel hd4000.kext from s/l/e but I don't think I am getting graphic acceleration working it show intel hd 2500 1536mb.
  12. I was also having similar type of problem with my intel hd 4000 on dell laptop. System only start at safe mode or single user mode or black screen with cursor. I tried every thing but no luck. At last I deleted Apple intel hd 400.kext from s/l/e and after restarting system start working. but I don't think I am getting full graphic acceleration.
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