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  1. Hi mate, Thanks again for your help..! I did the modification you told me to do, now starts, but as soon as the loading process is finished, it restarts. I've been doing some tests, and when I delete the registry of the config.plist in DeviceProperties, it starts perfectly but without graphic acceleration with 7MB. According to the Opencore manual, this should be the correct configuration, but there is something that does not let the equipment start. I have searched and tried other options without success. Greetings K.
  2. Hi Mate, Thank you very much for your help I have bad news, with this new config.plist you sent me it doesn't start Error-config-plst.jpeg.zip Greetings K.
  3. HI Mate, Thank you very much for the DSDT, I will try to make the fine adjustments today, as there are still important things that do not work. NO WORK: - Graphic card, still has the 7Mb, the pach you left me no work, it blocks the start with panic kernel. - Audio - WIFI - Bluetooth Greetings K.
  4. HI Mates Yes.. I have managed to get him to work on Catalina 10.15.6 I have this machine but with some difference: Processor 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-1035G1 Processor (6MB Cache, up to 3.6 GHz) 8GB Ram / 512Gb Nvme Video Card Intel® UHD Graphics with shared graphics memory NVIDIA® GeForce® MX230 with 2GB GDDR5 graphics memory I was able to successfully install it by making a few minor adjustments, but the fine tuning remains is need, I have tried FIX Grafic card without success Send me Macbook-Pro-Dell-5593 Greetings K.
  5. Hi MaLd0n I'm attaching it again. The attached version is totally clean. It's the EFI folder you sent me a few days ago. Send me iMac-Pro-Dell-X299 Thank you so much for your support. K.
  6. This method was simpler than the DDTS I did... jejeje Did you have time to review the package generated by the RUNME? Thanks K
  7. HI MaLd0n, Yesterday I was working on a DDST for the Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX550 in Mojave, for DELL 5820 X299, it seems to work correctly, but I don't know if it is completely correct. I'm learning as I go, watching various tutorials. Photo Mojave RX 550 I am enclosing a copy for you, or for other colleagues in the community SSDT-DELL-5820-X299-RX550.zip
  8. Hi MaLd0n I'm enclosing the folder like you asked. I tried to follow some forum guidelines, but I was only able to solve a few small things. Thank you again for your help...! Send me Mac-Pro-Dell Gracias K
  9. Hi MaLd0n, Thank you very much for the new EFI! SOLVED THE PANIC KERNEL...! What was the problem? This has totally solve the boot up for the USB installer. I had to try several installs, as the installer froze at the end of the process, but oddly enough when rebooting manually at the last install, I found that it seems to have installed correctly Catalina. I see some small problems, but it's already a matter of fine-tuning DSDT. - Does not correctly detect the GPU. - Audio I/O - Wifi and bluetooth - Sometimes the screen freezes and you have to turn off the machine. - Does not complete the restart process. I'll also activate the Thuntherbolt ports to check their operability Greetings K.
  10. Hi MaLd0n, You can help to me, with this difficult machine... I've managed to advance to this point with the image of Catalina, with this error: Kernel panic I have tried several different settings but without success: - Value setting=15 in cpus for my i7-9800X processor in both VoodooTSCSync.kext, and TSCAdjustReset.kext. - Pach APIC activation. - SMBIOS change iMacPro1,1 Specifications: Dell Precision 5820 Tower X, i7-9800X 8 Core 3,8Ghz, (Intel Core X series CPUs with Intel X299 chipset.) For mounting tests: R9 280X, SSD SATA 512gb and 8gb Ram 2666mhz. Attached CLOVER folder, DSDT and motherboard layout EFI-CL-CAT-DELL-5820-X299.zip Thanks DSDT-DELL-5820-X299.aml.zip System board components Dell 5820X_en-us.pdf.zip
  11. this is the only option offered by the 5820 bios https://www.dropbox.com/s/3pcacvk3qz7u6pp/bios - dell 5820.jpg?dl=0
  12. I'm sorry, but I can't find this option..! I can't even find it on my motherboard BIOS. I also don't see it in the CLOVER configuration (Clover_v2.5k_r5104) Could you give me some more information on where to find this? Thanks K.
  13. Good morning, my friend. Thank you very much for your quick response. This option you mention, is in the 5820 BIOS setup, or in the CLOVER? Thanks K.
  14. Hi Friends, I have a Dell 5820, but with an i7 9800x, and NVIDIA Quadro P2000, (Intel Core X Series CPUs whit Chipset Intel X299 Kaby lake-H) I've been fighting with this machine for 2 weeks, but I can't get past the first loading screen, after selecting the Olarila Mojave 2020 loading image. At the boot to install the system. I always see my computer reboot after showing the +++++ line. I can't get past that point, I've tried hundreds of configurations without success. Can you tell me which parameter to modify in order to solve this point?Thanks
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