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  1. adding Lilu and Whatevergreen kext (which I use on my hackintosh book but thought I don't need it on the desktop) fixed it. 2 HDMI + 1 DP for 3 Monitors works fine without errors.
  2. so, does it work now or not with DP? I have the same problem. RX580 2 Monitors setup via HDMI working with Catalina Trying to add a 3. monitor via display port doesn't work. When booting clover is viewed via display port, as well as the apple booting logo, until it flashes (when graphics driver load?) then the monitor connected via DP is black and the other 2 are the only ones working.
  3. it works with 5125 too (probably more future safe) you have to 1. update clover configurator 2. remove AptioMemoryFix from the clover efi driver folder and add the 3 files from here: 3. open the config.plist from your efi/clover folder and check this options in the new Quirks section of the updated clover configurator. Save the File After that everything workes again (With MacOS Catalina)
  4. I think the only chance we have is to try to boot from USB clover to fix it. Then we will have to get into this: I didn't have the time yet to figure it out.
  5. can I configure it directly from clover after bios, or do I have to prepare an usb stick with old clover to be able to boot? is there a tutorial what has to be configured?
  6. My hackintosh was running perfectly, then I upgraded to Catalina 10.15.7 (from the Catalina version before that) and Clover to the current version. Now my main hdd and my backup hdd won't boot with this errors attached. What can I do? Archiv.zip
  7. when I tried the install clover was 5118. Now I can only put the SSD in another computer to change something. on my other machines when updating and something failed before it was finished I could still boot the normal Boot option that booted macos without the update and could start the update again. strangely now nothing works. Is it normal that I can't access my files when I put the system drive in another computer?
  8. @MaLd0n everything worked fine with Catalina 10.15.4 then I tried to Update to 10.15.5 and it killed everything. in Clover I see three options now Boot Install Boot MacOS Recovery the install doesn't run through it shows the errors below when I try to boot MacOS it fails to (see photo from log) (boot task failed mount-phase-1) Recovery doesn't boot either. What can I do to fix it? photo.zip
  9. Can you help me? I have this setup now: Mainboard: Asus Prime Z370-A CPU: Intel Core I5 9600k GPU: Internal Intel UHD 630 Installed with the 10.14.5 Olarila image without problems, downloaded the "--CHIPSET SERIES 10, 20 and 30 (SKYLAKE / KABYLAKE / COFFEELAKE)" and replaced the efi/clover folder with it. Installed clover again. Booting without errors but I have some graphic glitches. Windows are flickering strangely. In this guide https://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=8685 some of the clover install options doesn't exist in the newest clover installer from sourceforge. Guide: https://i.imgur.com/qWgQ5sM.png Newest Clover: https://imgur.com/FToWuq4 Attached the sendme.zip vom the Run.me app. Do you know how to fix the graphic glitches? Best regards and thanks in advance Send me.zip
  10. and what about ASUS PRIME Z370-A GAMING ATX Mainboard 1151 DP/HDMI/DVI/M.2/USB3.1 it has more display outputs is it also compatible with i5 9600 and hackintosh?
  11. Hi, I wanna build me a mid price hackintosh with an intel i5 9600. What ATX mainboard would you recommend? it should have USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt option for future usage. And onboard graphics cause I don't need/want a dedicaded card for that PC. Is GIGABYTE Z390 GAMING X working?
  12. when clover resolution is set to 1024x768 (and clover looks ugly and the apple logo first till it switches) then the glitch is like in the .mp4 file in between the apple logo booting. and then everything is good. When I set clover to FULL HD (and clover looks nice and sharp) then it totally kills it, like in the last screenshot and it doesn't work after booting.
  13. But 1024x768 resolution as a workaround kinda sucks. Is there no chance to fix it and have FULL HD Clover and Boot Logo and System without glitches?
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