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  1. All I can say, on my ryzen pc, sleep/wake works only on big sur! Apple is doing really good things.
  2. - It is a future proyect. I am on others now. - Did you add -wegnoegpu in boot args? As @MaLd0n said, you need to patch it again. If you are going to use opencore, i suggest you use ssdt.
  3. I took a look to your DSDT, it is not patched at all (DSDT is full solution unless bios update). So, you are using SSDTs or Clover config, but I don't use Clover for years. I suggest you if my configuration works for you, use it! Change serial number and add the kexts you need.
  4. You need to extract it with OpenCore or windows, then you have to disassembly it. Then patch it and assembly again. For your specs, DSDT is not needed. If you are interested on Big Sur, take a look on this!
  5. I generate my own DSDT, for me it works. Have you installed the modded bios? I use OpenCore. Your DSDT is not the same as mine.
  6. I decided to give a second life to this laptop and successfully installed macOS Catalina 10.15.6 Specs - Intel Core i7-2630QM 2GHz - 8192MB DDR3 RAM - 500GB SATA SSD (MacOS Catalina) - 64GB SATA SSD (Windows 10) - DVD-RAM/±R/±RW - 17.3" TFT - AMD Radeon HD 6650M 2048MB and Intel HD 3000 512MB - Atheros Gigabit Ethernet - Webcam EFI Folder Download here Notes: - Laptop has a modded bios, with UEFI capabilities. - OpenCore Legacy installed (USB and SSD). - Use this to make Intel HD 3000 work with DSDT patch. - SMCBatteryManager works fine and shows percentage correctly. - SMCLightSensor works fine allowing bright control - Use this guide to remap fn keys allowing brightness control (_Q11 and _Q12). - I created my own patched DSDT (USBs, graphic card, battery). - Use 12 ALC layout (injected in DSDT). - Kexts used: Lilu, WEG, AppleALC, VoodooPS2, CPUFriend, VirtualSMC (remove SMCDellSensor), mXHCD and AtherosL1cEthernet. - HDMI and VGA output don't work and they will not. - At this moment, I am waiting for a Broadcom BCM94352HMB for bluetooth and wifi. - OpenCore doesn't support booting from legacy Windows, so to boot it press F12 (boot menu) while memory test. Installation Flash the modded bios in Windows. Download here. FLASHING YOUR BIOS ALWAYS IS RISKY. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE OF NOTHING RELATED WITH FLASHING BIOS. Apply these bios settings: Create your USB installer no matter the method. Then, apply BootInstall.command to your USB. Copy. my EFI folder to EFI partition (USB), it will also have a boot file, do not remove it. Post-Installation Install MacOS as normal. Apply BootInstall.command to your HDD/SSD. Then, copy my EFI folder to EFI partition (HDD/SSD). Install intel HD 3000 patch provided. Reboot. Images
  7. Updated to Beta 6 without problems. Still having sleep/wake working.
  8. Not working for me. Trying this now. Edit: I have downloaded without any problem. Installing now. Edit 2: Installed without problems.
  9. FINAL UPDATE I get sleep/wake work, it takes 30 seconds to go to sleep. I have made next changes: - Remove bluetooth (4.0 version) from usb 2.0 connector. - Fix USB map, SSDT and kext. - Add Intel bluetooth kexts (5.0 version). Source from here Updated EFI on OP. Now, everything works like a real Mac Thank you very much to @MaLd0n for introducing me in the ACPI world and sending me the ACPI manual.
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