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  1. Remove this kext. Use Kernel->Emulate->DummyPowerManagement. Use agdpmod=pikera boot-flag for your graphics. NVRAM -> 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 ->boot-args
  2. Try this! Please, read all posts if you don't have same motherboard as mine.
  3. I have successfully installed macOS Big Sur 11.1 Beta Specs: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 F13 BIOS Intel Core i7 920 Nvidia GeForce GT 710 2GB Full patched DSDT but reboot does not work. Use install/restore installation. Download EFI Screenshots:
  4. Have you tried with that?? https://github.com/chris1111/AtherosL1cEthernet
  5. Hi, I have decided to upload the hole project. It was very instructive to me. This EFI is made with SSDTs based on a patched DSDT. Download EFI All patches except Intel HD 3000, no way to introduce correctly AAPL00,DualLink = 01000000 via SSDT, nor DeviceProperties, in Catalina. If I switch to High Sierra, it simply works. Anyway, there is also a configAMD.plist for High Sierra where AMD graphics is fully recognised recognised. I have extracted the VBIOS.rom and converted to OC patch, with patched frambuffer (LVDS, HDMI and VGA) using lotus FB (also tried Ipoemea) but switchable
  6. Moved to SSDTs, no DSDT patch required. List of SSDTs added: SSDT-ACAdapter.aml (Correct ACAD device) SSDT-BAT0.aml (Correct battery info reading) SSDT-EC.aml (Create an EC device, preserve EC0 device) SSDT-FNKeys.aml (_Q11 and _Q12 methods for brightness keys map) SSDT-HPET.aml (Corrected IRQ flags) SSDT-IMEI.aml (Fake IMEI device) SSDT-PM.aml (TurboBoost CPU) SSDT-PNLF.aml (For brightness) SSDT-SBUS-MCHC.aml (Fake SBUS device) SSDT-UIAC.aml (For USB) SSDT-XOSI.aml (Not sure if needed) Renames needed: _Q11 to XQ1
  7. No lucky. I correct the SSDT to PX40 instead of LPCB, same behaviour.
  8. Here I am again! I have tested this SSDT but no lucky, same behaviour as before. But the system freezes after 30 seconds. So, I think I am going to sacrifice reboot option. Is there any SX state related to boot? I mean, S5 state (soft-off) is called when shutting down. So, when restart option is called, is also S5 the state called? In fact, shutdown and sleep are working but restart don't. I use MacPro6,1 SMBIOS definition, should I use another one? As always, thank you!
  9. Ok, can you tell me if this ssdt is correct? I have extract all info from patched dsdt. I will try it later to see if it works. Also, how it should be the ACPI rename in OC patch? _PTS to XPTS or _PTS to ZPTS? Thank you so much! SSDT-FixReboot.aml
  10. I am not using DSDT, I already have it patched. My aim now is get this installation without patched DSDT. I am going to create a SSDT. Anyway, if I add OpenHaltRestart.kext I get a KP.
  11. Hi! I have successfully installed macOS Catalina 10.15.7 on this PC. Specs: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 Intel i7 920 Nvidia GT 710 2GB SSD 512GB Note: No wifi nor bluetooth PCIe installed. Add shikigva=80 through DeviceProperties, HDMI sound working but DRM does not. Netflix and Prime will not work in Safari. You can always download Google Chrome to play them. I confirm they both work. EFI: Download Not working: Reboot DRM
  12. I had same error. Create SSDT for your HDD/SSD and add to EFI and config.plist
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