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  1. Thanks my friend spending your time. I have done these, and reset nvram and reinstall bigsur and partitioned the disk again but nothing again the same
  2. screenshot 2021-02-22, 9.20.39 μμ.zip I use opencore configurator to mount
  3. Hello @MaLd0n ! I install BigSUr 11.2 with Opencore 0.6.6 and when it's time to mount the efi partition to put in the efi folder there is no efi partition to mount. Can anyone help with this problem?
  4. Hello @MaLd0n with igfxonln=1 in active. again black screen after boot.
  5. Eventually it did not work, as soon as it boots it flies blackscreen
  6. so what do you suggest? what is the best way for usb mapping?
  7. how will I do this (enable acpi advanced options with windows patch)? from the bios will I do it? @MaLd0n I do not know English well, forgive me. Use this wizard?
  8. that is, now that I have it so it does not work properly? because I see all usb work
  9. It did not work for me. I did it all over again from the beginning and I just put this SSDT-EC.aml and it works fine without usbport.kext and without USBInjectAll.kext. I made a windows extract dsdt without a patch, can you patch it and integrate SSDT-EC.aml and SSDT-PLUG.aml? because the previous dsdt when I chose to boot windows from opencore did not boot. dsdt,EC,PLUG.zip
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