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    Intel i7 8700 (None K)
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    Gigabyte Z370XP SLI
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    Intel UHD 630 Graphics
  1. Thank you [ref]erroruser[/ref], Have you had a chance to check all ports?
  2. I'd like to add a graphics card which I will use it on High Sierra 10.13.6 and on Windows 10 (For Gaming ) The most important thing for me is the supporting on Mac natively, so I don't want to install any driver for a GPU.. According to my understanding, RX 580 will match to my idea.. I know you have listed the parts MaLd0n, but I confused choosing the right one.. For example; I know Nitro+ is better from the Pulse version, however I've read most people suggest Pulse.. The small performance differences is not greatly important for me, but I really like all the connections will recognized on Mac and will work properly (multiple monitors, performance etc..).. Some people changed VBIOS on their Pulse cards which make me confuse more, because I thought the Pulse is an Apple recommended card.. If not, should I choose any RX 580 and must change VBIOS in any case? MaLd0n , you have done great support for us and make us run perfectly running Hack like Mac as you said . What I want to know is, which exact graphics card should I buy for mostly supporting with least work on Mac OS. Thank you..
  3. Thank you Mald0n, your clover folder works fantastic, besides the audio.. HDMI audio works great. Couldn't check the outputs on the rear panel, but the front headphone out of the case is not working properly, it's crackling and have a bad sound quality.. I've already tried different layout numbers of the ALC1220 but all working in the same way. The output works fine on Windows by the way. Do you have any solution for that? On the other hand I used apfs, then reinstalled with hfs.. Both works same.. Do you have an opinion for that which one should I use, If apfs works good, should I go for it? Or hfs is better at all? Build: Z370XP SLI (F11) i7 8700
  4. Hello, I've just installed High Sierra 10.13.6 on my new system.. Could you please help me edit my DSDT, SSDT etc. and Clover folder. Build: -Gigabyte Z370XP SLI (BIOS F11) -Intel i7 8700 (Non K) -16GB Gskill Raptor V 2666 Memory -500 GB Samsung 970 EVO Nvme -No Graphics Card In a later time I will add more HDDs (Windows 10 and Data), Graphics Card like RX580, and Wifi-Bluetooth solutions.. I don't know if your work will work with new hardware later. Thanks for your great support! origin.zip Send me Erkans-iMac.zip
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