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  1. The system crashed again ... I think they are hardware problems, specifically the RX 570 board. I just replaced it with my old nvidia GT 740 to confirm it. Likewise, I attach the log file that contains all the activity of the team since I turned it on this morning until I had to manually turn it off to restart it. Perhaps it is of some use to identify if the freezing is due to a hadware problem or some system event. The system froze at 11:03 a.m. Thank you in advance! error-log.txt.zip
  2. Thanks for your help. I will try this new EFI and let you know the results by keeping this thread updated.
  3. It won't let me upload it ... The file is 3.2mb I uploaded it here
  4. Also I have already uninstalled IPG ... My random freeze problems persist ... I have installed windows 10 to rule out hardware problems and in windows everything works correctly. My Mojave installation (on separate ssd disk) that had never failed, today finally froze just like Catalina ... I do not know what to think...
  5. That kext is not present in L / E ...
  6. And by forcing the restart, the boot was set where the image shows: 20200606_092719.zip
  7. Today install Intel Power Gadget. When I opened it, the computer restarted, but this time Catalina showed me the error which I attached, perhaps this serves to identify something else about my problem. Thanks since now. error.txt.zip
  8. Unfortunately today the freezes returned. This morning when I turned on the computer, I noticed that it was taking longer than usual when the Gigabyte welcome screen was displayed. The computer restarted itself and an error appeared on the Gigabyte screen notifying that there was an error in the configuration of the bios setup, which loaded the default values and restarted the system. So I went into the bios and loaded the default values and only activated the IGPU and Super IO Configuration (to avoid problems on my external USB audio card). I restarted the computer and entered Catalina, a few minutes after starting the system, and browsing the internet, the computer froze again, leaving a gray screen and another off (black). I had to turn off the computer to be able to unlock it. I restarted it again and this time I was quite scared because, after having selected in Clover the option to start from Catalina, a fan noise at maximum speed forced me to unplug the computer for fear of burning my cpu or gpu. I couldn't identify if the fan that fired at full speed was the one for the CPU or the GPU. I suspect it was the cpu one, but I can't confirm it. At this point I do not know if it is a hardware problem or a bad power configuration. I installed W10 to be able to work and so far without problems. I will appreciate your help.
  9. Hello! Almost two days go by without freezing! I do not want to claim victory ahead of time, but it seems that the problem has been solved and even if it were not, I want to deeply thank the help received in this forum. Although I have been using hackintosh on a daily basis since 2017, I am not very knowledgeable about the depth of its operation, I only follow guides and try to read enough to learn a little more every day. So I take this opportunity to ask you @MaLd0n what may have been the cause of the random freezes on my computer and because when opening, for example Intel Power Gadget, the computer would restart. I would like to internalize the subject to continue learning. Thanks since now!
  10. Hi. I was doing some tests, both with my original clover and the one in the Oralila folder and I think the problem was solved by activating Platform Power Management in the bios (Gigabyte) which was disabled. Can you confirm if the activation / deactivation of this parameter could be involved in system freezes? Thanks since now!
  11. I must change the smbios iMacPro1,1 to smbios 18.3 of the folder series 100/200/300/400, enable igpu in the bios. It is right? Do I keep everything else in folder series 100/200/300/400 as is?
  12. And what do you advise me considering that my cpu, gpu and motherboard correspond to smbios 18.2?
  13. Thanks @snake881 for your reply. I make a query: I understand that to be able to use the iMacPro1,1 settings, you have to disable the igpu in the bios, however in the guide indicated by MaLd0n above (https://www.olarila.com/topic/ 5295-guide-hardware-encoder-hardware-decoder-video-processing-hevc-support-intel-quick-sync /) in the third step indicates that you must enable intelHDGraphics ... This is confusing for me since MaLd0n told me to use the folder series 100/200/300/400, and the configuration of this Clover is with iMacPro1,1 Thank you in advance.
  14. Thanks for your reply. Where should these parameters be entered? -Kabylake and Coffeelake(8 Gen) IntelGFX 0x59128086 ig-platform-id 0x59120003 Check InjectIntel If I enable the igpu I would have to change the smbios to one compatible with my platform ... is that correct?
  15. I just installed Davinci Resolve to test. I took a video file and put it in the export queue. When I clicked "render" the computer rebooted ... I had this problem the times I configured the smbios of my system as iMacPro1,1 ... which apparently is the configuration of smbios that owns its clover folder. I will appreciate your help.
  16. Thank you very much for your help! I have installed the SSDT in the folder that indicates me. I will test your configuration. Tomorrow morning will be a good time for this since the system usually freezes a few minutes after the first start of the day. Can I ask you what errors you found in the zip that I sent you and that could be the cause of the freezes on my computer? Thank you in advance.
  17. I attach fiI ran the script again. I attached it again. Thank you in advance.le Send me iMac-de-Alberto.zip
  18. I attach file Send me iMac-de-Alberto.zip
  19. @MaLd0n thanks for your answer. I was ahead of the game, and yesterday I downloaded this same EFI from the "Downloads" section. I installed it on a pendrive and started the system from it. It started perfectly and I used it ayud dudrante all afternoon and night until I turned off the computer, but this morning, when I started my system again, the error returned. It happened 2 times. The first freeze occurred a few minutes after the system started, while checking emails in Thunderbird; the screens were gray and I had to turn off the system to be able to unlock it. I rebooted the system and the second freeze happened by writing this answer on the forum: one monitor was black, the other was gray and I had to turn the system off again. This time, the monitor that connects via hdmi was blocked in black: the gigabyte logo, the clover interface, the system startup, the Catalina background, all remained on one screen while the other remained black but with the power led as if it were on so I deduce that it was receiving a signal. I could not log in because the logging screen I deduce was left on the monitor blocked. I had to reboot the system, remove and reattach the locked monitor power cable to get the system to reboot on both monitors. I am trying to replicate the failure in some way, but I realize that almost most of the time, the problem occurs within a few minutes of first starting the system in the morning. Once the system freezes, I turn it off and restart it, it is very difficult for it to appear again ... there may be a second freeze (like today) shortly after the first one has happened, but generally it does not occur again during the day... If I search the console I can't find any registration error. I will appreciate any help that can guide me in solving this problem. Thank you!
  20. I attach EFI. Thank you in advance. EFI
  21. Hi. My system is made up of the following hardware: CPU: I7 7700 (not "k") Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H270 Gaming 3 Memories: Kingstone 2 x 8gb GPU: MSI Radeon RX 570 4gb Armor I tell you my problem. A few weeks ago I traded in my old nvidia GT 740 GPU (which worked perfectly on S, HS, M, and C) for a new MSI RX 570. I bought this GPU to make sure Mojave and Catalina compatibility was absolute. When installing it, I also installed iStat to test it, and soon the problems started ... The system started to freeze randomly (sometimes once a day, sometimes several times a day), with gray screens, sometimes in white, sometimes in black and other times in pink. I could only get out of these freezes by holding down the power button on the computer since the restart seemed to do nothing. This happened to me on Catalina, which I installed on a separate SSD disk. I also have a separate Mojave installation on another separate disk, which works perfectly, without any freezes or freezes. Both systems start with the same clover (which is in the EFI of Catalina's disk). But the freezes only happened in Catalina. At first I thought the problem was FakeSMC and its sensors, so I removed them and replaced them with VirtualSMC and the few sensors that are currently available. But the problem continued. The peak of the problem came a couple of days ago when I installed the Intel Power Gadget. When opened, the computer began to restart constantly. The team started perfectly, but after entering Catalina and logging in, it would restart again, I wanted to uninstall iStat and Intel Power Gadget, but the system did not give me the necessary time to be able to close it and uninstall it since it restarted immediately after starting! I came to the conclusion that the problem had to be iStat or Intel Power Gadget, since in Mojave I do not have them installed and the system works correctly. Bottom line: I had to reinstall Catalina, this time without iStat or Intel Power Gadget. Obviously I am blind since I cannot know the temperatures of my CPU or GPU, because any application that I install to measure temperatures will make my computer freeze. My RX 570 works in "headless" mode with the HD630 of my Gigabyte GA-H270 Gaming 3 motherboard. I use two monitors (one connected by HDMI and the other by DVI-D) And when I thought that the problem had resulted (because for more than a day the system worked perfectly) today I had another freeze ... This makes me rule out problems due to FakeSMC (and its sensors) and also VirtualSMC and its sensors ... The only kexts that I had installed in Clover's "Others" folder are lilu, NoVPAJpeg (for Mojave) VirtualSMC, WhateverGreen and AtherosE2200. I will appreciate if you can guide me, because the truth is that I don't know what the problem may be Thank you and sorry for having extended so much.
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