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  1. Working flawlessly, including no hang on restart! Thank you so much MaLd0n! You are a life saver. Added in 14 minutes 47 seconds: After that patch, should I be good to run 10.14.4 update? I saw some people had issues.
  2. I believe it is the BCM4352 but it's not noted on the box. By last you mean most current? If so I'll update Clover. Should I wait now that I've confirmed the chipset?
  3. I did an updated DSDT request, but here is the RUN.ME output again. Already sent a donation for this earlier today Thanks for your help, as always. Send me Johns-iMac.zip
  4. Hello Again Just sent you a donation. I bought an ASUS PCE AC56 Wifi PCIE card (Broadcom chipset), and I thought it would work out of the box on Mojave, but no such luck. If you could assist patching it, I would be hugely appreciative as always. Cheers *Edit* Attached RUN.ME* Send me Johns-iMac.zip
  5. Hello All I thought this was a safe card, but apparently Mojave doesn't like it. Any suggestions on how to patch it. I am running 10.14.3 and have the following hardware: 8700K Asus Z370A Prime 32 GB Ram (Generic) RX 560 4GB GPU 2x SSD, 2x HDD Thanks in advance, and willing to tip if somebody can do a direct DSDT edit patch for me.
  6. Hello Again Had to do a new build after my HP went down. Please see my RunMe output. Having reboot issues. CPU seems to be displayed generically. Donation sent! Specs: Asus Prime Z370 A 8700 K RX 560 (Powercolor) 32 GB DDR4 RAM 2666 SSD x2 HDD x1 Thanks Send me Johns-iMac.zip
  7. Tried again today and had zero issues. Where it would go black before I now had a bright white screen for a split second. Not sure if apple fixed the update or my GPU was having an off day-- but it ran really smoothly with zero changes before or after.
  8. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208898 It seems my K5000 is on the short list for automatic support (although formally mine isn't the mac version I suppose). They talk about selecting a different partition on upgrade to prevent the black screen and disabling firevault, but I am unclear which partition to select to ensure I am upgrading and don't overwrite my existing data.
  9. I tried an update from 10.14 and update went through until black screen after reboot. Have they changed supported GPU list on this update. K5000 is on approved list for Mojave and metal.
  10. Just cloned it before I break it. Very stable as is. Thanks for your help! [quote name='MaLd0n post_id=66123 time=1541938635 user_id=54] [ref]oldfatandgifted[/ref]' date=' apperas with 5gbs, USB3 bus [/quote']
  11. I thought I tested reboot with it in, but apparently not. Removing it fixed the boot behaviour. As a result, I found an older PCIe USB card I had (bought from China for $15 at the time). To my surprise it seems to work perfectly. I have no way to check throughput speed on the ports, but I suspect they are running properly. I attached a screen shot of what displays in system info. Does this look like native support or just via USBinject? The chipset is listed as via for the 2.0 Hub under that same bus, so I am confused. *Please see attached. Thanks John
  12. Having the same issue, sadly. Everything else is working great. If you have a chance to look, I attached my run.me as well. I think you're getting near another free beer again soon lol Cheers John Send me Johns-iMac.zip
  13. Hopefully I can find another good kext. The one you posted was the only one I found other the generic injector you already included in the distro. I may have to buy a pcie card I guess-- assuming there are still options supported under Mojave.
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