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  1. Hello iamprabhuantony, how did you install BigSur in VMware? Do you have a Description or instructions, maybe a Link? My System: AMD FX 6300, MSI GT 710, ASRock 980DE3/U3s3, 16 GB RAM Greetings from Germany, maclinux
  2. Hello MaLd0n, I am using a AMD FX 4300 on legacy MOBO (normales BIOS-no/kein UEFI!!!!!!!!) and a Nvidia 710 GT (Kepler), what works with all Versions of Mojave. I would like to use the Vanilla install with the Patches. The only Problem is, that a never used Clover, only "Enoch", what not supports APFS. Question 1: Do I need to make a Entry in Clover using a Kepler Grafikcard, what works out of the Box? Question 2: Do I need to make a Entry using the Vanilla CPU-Patch (in my case 15 what is for FX) ? Greetings from Germany, maclinux
  3. Hello Forum, I tried to download the Image (AppleStore App) from the Download Area. After Download I double clicked to unpack the zip-File, WinRar tells me: "C: \ Downloads \ Instala__o do OS X Yosemite.10.10.5.zip: Unexpected Archive End." Orig in German: C:\Downloads\Instala__o do OS X Yosemite.10.10.5.zip: Unerwartetes Archivende. Please help me, what is wrong? Regards from Germany, maclinux
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