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  1. Hi all. I am successfully running OpenCore 0.6.5, oralila vanilla install, Big Sur using Mac Pro 7,1 as my SMBIOS. The reason for the Mac Pro 7,1 is because I am using Radeon RX580. The RX 580 has hardware acceleration activated as confirmed by VideoProc. However, Haswell is not "supported" by Mac Pro so it is reported as unknown CPU. The system works well though and this cannot be changed using CPU-Name (GitHub). The ProcessorType is report as "3842" and I cannot get any info on this number. Anyway, my system is working well on SSDT-OLA with X86PlatformPlugin linked to [email protected] a
  2. Managed to have a look at those entries that work and those that don't for me. A few questions: 1) PinConfigurator can IMPORT pinconfigs.kext and IORegistry. Both look identical. After editing pinconfigs.kext, I can save it. But there is no Export option for IORegistry. I presume both have to edited to be identical before compiling? There is an export option for HDACodec.txt 2) Is it OK to edit and use a preexisting layout or do I need to create a new layout? I'm not sure I qualify to upload this to GitHub. Just for own testing only. 3) The compile fail
  3. Does anyone here know how to customize AppleALC based on Toledo's instructions (https://github.com/toleda/audio_ALC_guides/blob/master/Customization.pdf) ? I casn get my PCI SPDIF to work using above instruction under ALC887 - layout ID 99 but then I would lose the other outdio jacks output (My motherboard has those orange, blue, pink, gray, orange & block) 3.5 mm outputs. Basically I need to do No.7 of the above instruction using based on layout 7 or 1. Can anyone provide a step by step guide? Thanks.
  4. System: Gigabyte H97-HD3, i5 4690, Radeon Rx 580, Mac compatible Wifi/BT PCI. Been running Hackintosh for a long time. Needed to buy a new SSD as the old one is aging so did an Oralila install using the guide. Happy to say everything went well using the default setting including the standard Clover.plist from here. As everything is at default, I think it is using AppleALC/Lilu with the device hardware detect set at 1 (Realtek ALC887 sound chip) motherboard front headphone jack works. Have not tried the back sound ports becasue I have been using the Audioengine D1 USB DAC
  5. How do I check for this in Mojave before updating?
  6. Installed Mojave using the Oralila image successfully. One silly question: How to I know if I need this patch? System info shows me my USB 3 (5G/s) when I attach my SSD SATA drive. Thanks
  7. Need your help.... Trying to do a clean install of High Sierra on GA-Z97-HD3, GTX 750 Ti, Samsung EVO 860 250 GB, 8GB X 2 Hyper X, Intel Pentium G3258 (Not overclocking this yet). Used your Clover for the "Z97" folder. BIOS settings as recommended. I get a Kernel Panic about 10% into the bar at the Apple Logo. I cannot figure out why... (NB: I'm not exactly new to this - currently using High Sierra on GA-H97-HD3 (the non-overclockable version of above). The above has been continuously upgraded painlessly from many prior versions of OSX) Thx
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