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  1. I have managed to fix the sleep but I can't rename the slot Should I do it in MaciASL?
  2. Thanks! How to rename "Slot-1" to "PCI Slot 1" ? https://i.imgur.com/QH6Lh5G.png' alt='IMGUR>'>
  3. Thanks! I need help with sleep. Wakes up immediately. Added one more 1080ti also. Send me V2.zip
  4. Hi Maldon. Can you perform your magic please? origin.zip Send me.zip
  5. Ok, I'm too old for this sh!t.. Thanks again
  6. Are those settings I have to do in clover configurator? Give me a hint, I'm lost in the dark. Googling just these words is not getting me anywhere. Thank you for your patience..
  7. jibber jabber mumbo jumbo! Sorry, but where do I find these?
  8. Thanks!!! I'm ready to go or should I send you something after replacing the dsdt? Is there any tutorial I should follow so I can learn to do the patching myself? Cheers
  9. Hi! Thanks for all the hard work MaLd0n! I used the RunMe app with your dsdt file in my clover folder. I don't know if this is wrong. Anyway, here is the file. Take a look if you can, please. Thanks! Send me.zip
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