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  1. Nice day guys! Please help to patch my PC as attachment file. I am first using OpenCore bootloader, so new so far. Thanks in advance! Here is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DQxVTG1OuEsgKyjBhxBLuvASqem6aXqS/view?usp=sharing to download, i don't know why i cannot attached.
  2. Hi @MaLd0n, My PC is B360M MSI Bazooka and Core I5-8400. Please help to patch DSDT for my PC. Thank you in advance. Send me Xavis-iMac.zip
  3. Hi @MaLd0n, i met a problem after patched dsdt from your attachment. My hackintosh cannot load audio device Realtek® ALC887 Codec Please help check wether we can fit it? Thanks you in advance
  4. As i checked, my bios version was lastest. I just updated new Clover bootloader to newest version. Please kind check it again. origin.zip
  5. Added in 7 minutes 49 seconds: [ref]xaving_93[/ref], extract original tables with f4 key in clover boot screen Hi MaLd0n, here is my origin extract table from Clover, please help check. origin.zip
  6. Hello oldnapalm... Attached is my send_me.zip from my PC... Thanks in advance... Send me Sas-iMac.zip
  7. hi MaLd0n, please check my new attachment. Send me Xavis-iMac.zip
  8. Hello, My name is Xavi, I try to install Mojave but I need the dsdt for my B360M Bazooka MSI motherboard, please help me check this attachment file Thank you very much. Send me Xavis-iMac.zip
  9. Hello, I using Bazooka B360M and I5-8400, please help check me check about USB fix and CPU config. Thanks in advance. Send me Nguyens-iMac.zip
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