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  1. @MaLd0n Thank You......... Send me MacBook-Pro (1).zip
  2. Download ?, here : https://github.com/Dicky-MF/My-Simple-theme-for-OpenCore
  3. Tried to solve this problem, but i'm out of idea. Keyboard won't work, tried to install VoodooPS2 and AppleSmart, but still no luck. Thanks Send me rudis-MacBook-Pro.zip
  4. @MaLd0n Just followed your instruction.... Send me Andianiess-MacBook-Pro.zip
  5. @MaLd0n Please and Thank You !!! Send me Andianiess-MacBook-Pro.zip
  6. Let me know what do you think !!! Olarila-by.dickymuliafiqri.zip
  7. Got this old guy working on High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G14019) What's work ? : Toshiba Satellite L840M - QE/CI (AMD Radeon HD 7670M) - Sleep - Audio (Conexant CX20590) - Wi-Fi (AR9485) - Ethernet (AR8151) - Bluetooth - Brightness slider - Fn+F(x) keys (VoodooPS2Controller) - USB mapping Opencore Bootloader 6.0 and Clover 5120 : https://github.com/Dicky-MF/EFI-Toshiba-L840-OC
  8. I'm trying to install Catalina, but at Disk Utility is show nothing except my USB Stick Installer (No SATA Drive/Hard Disk) LGA775 C2D E8500 Nvidia GT710 (Kepler)
  9. @MaLd0n I have completely follow I2C tutorial, but it's still not work Please help
  10. Hi, i have some problem with my I2C trackpad, can you help me please ? I've been tried to patch DSDT to enable that but still not working Here's what i got : My APIC ID is "0x57" #define GPP_C15_IRQ 0x57 #define GPP_C15 63 Send me Fizers-MacBook-Pro.zip
  11. HELP Mojave on Asus A442UF 15 UHD 620 Transparent screen on login and can't do verbose mode Any Fix ?
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