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  1. I made a donation through PayPal itself. Payment via the link didn't work but after logging on to PayPal, I could use your email to make the payment! Sent a message to IGERSLIKE (Moderator) in Discord (TriSool is my Discord Name) Thanks a ton again! I tried this DSDT and it enters in to sleep where all the USB devices go to sleep for sometime (lights in the tower goes off), but it kinda wakes up immediately where all the lights in the tower goes ON again as well as the keyboard/mouse lits up except for the display which stays off. Once when I move the mouse the display c
  2. Hi MaLd0n, I could not see the device now in IOReg and also I switched over to Big Sur Beta 9, where the sleep is working fine now. But I have to wake the device by using the power button where the mouse/keyboard (or) any USB device doesn't work. But I could manage with it! Word of appreciation: I have been to many forums seeking help but I have not received a reply like this from any other sites. You are so wonderful and I pray that God bless you for your actions and heart! I am unable to PayPal, so finding another way to send a small donation to you! Thanks a ton!
  3. So any idea on how to disable the device using SSDT patch?
  4. Yeah! It is the Asus XONAR sound card that is recognized as a USB Device and that's why I want to disable it. Any idea on how to do that? Screenshot 2020-10-10 at 12.07.47 AM.zip
  5. Really sorry and this was posted before I figured out that the issue is with the sound card! I will use only one topic
  6. Please use the RunMe APP and share the result (upload it and share) so that we could look in to the issues much more deeply. Link for RunME app: http://olarila.com/files/Utils/RunMe.app.zip
  7. DVD drive works like a SATA drive that is what he meant to say and also removing the KEXTs won't remove the DVD drive functionality. May be try it, as there is no harm in doing it!
  8. Used the attached DSDT.aml & rebooted. Removed the SSDTs used in config.plist but still see the device in IOreg and the sleep is still not working. Link for saved file from IOReg: https://we.tl/t-JhmLQ9pnMH Thanks for a quick reply and I much appreciate it!
  9. Hi Guys, I am having a fully working Catalaina HACK except for the sleep/wake issue. After a week's time I figured out today that the HACK is not going in to sleep because of a sound card that I have in place where after removing it, I am able to get in to sleep mode properly. But the real problem is I need this sound card for my Windows 10 which is running as the other OS in the machine. So I installed the Asus Xonar AE back in to the slot and I now research on how to disable the PCI Sound Card alone - as things would work as it should. I have gone through some discrete GPU dis
  10. Please provide us with the Config.plist from your Clover/OpenCore bootloader. Also provide us with your specs like Processor, Motherboard, GPU etc.,
  11. Hi, Please help me in patching my DSDT as sleep/wake is not working. Link for ZIP file from RunMe.app: https://we.tl/t-AlYHUFUW76 Thanks, Arun
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