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    1. Thanks for clarifying my doubt. I fixed just changing my bios config in internal graphics (Quick Sync) and without bootflag shiki. 😨 https://imgur.com/yv3Phgd
    2. Is method only CPU? because I have a Nvidia Card with High Sierra. The videoProc shows unavailable. https://imgur.com/VhdVwAj
    3. Hello, here is my send_me to do my DSDT. One day, I'll learning to do it. Thank you. https://we.tl/t-gzW5nWRcFB Config: i7 MSI z170
    4. Can you patch my dsdt? this is for Mojave. I install Mojave step by step and i got it Just GTX 960 I could't install yet. My run me files => https://we.tl/t-JW9Jdoh3tR Thank you
    5. Aqui está o meu send-me. Eu uso laptop samsung NP800 com o mojave instalado Send me Diegos-MacBook-Pro.zip
    6. Hello there, I follow step by step to install the High Sierra and a got but i`m have trouble in fix nvidia card GTX 1050 4gb Touch pad doesn't work just keyboard
    7. Sorr Sorry to awnser now, but I was offline with my black screen sleep and I was waiting my lapto discharge. Thank you and now, I going to fix it rs
    8. I would like to request DSDT patch I have a samsung odyssey laptop and I'm searching on the forum how to fix my audio, battery, and bluetooth but in this moment, I need just DSDT patch Send me Diegos-MacBook-Pro.zip
    9. My new send_me. My keyboard works, only TouchPad doesn't work Do not all laptops activate nvcard? or there anyway? Send me Diegos-MacBook-Pro.zip
    10. See if it's right now Send me Diegos-MacBook-Pro.zip
    11. Here it's Send me Diegos-MacBook-Pro.zip
    12. I almost giving up on install my trackpad I've already copied Voodool2C, ApplePS2SmartTouchPad, VoodooI2CHID and VoodooPS2Controller and it still doesn't work. What there wrong?
    13. I think that's this is only visual, isn't? I use Nvidia MX130.
    14. I have a doubt. My processor is 8ª Intel i7-8550U and I installed following your tutorial but I think that there something wrong, because I used the paraments of KabyLake Gen7. I went induced with the config in "about this mac" Intel UHD Graphics 620 what is shown to me
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