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    intel core i7 2630Qm
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    dual vga intel hd 3000 and gef
  1. ok sir thanks i can try Added in 38 minutes 45 seconds: sir, where can I download high sirea support legacy sir?
  2. can I install hackintos on Acer 4752G laptop with no eufi bios option Brief specifications of Acer 4752G laptop core i7 2630qm ram 4gb intel hd 3000 and nvidia 610m and if for example the hackintos can be installed for how to install it I used to install Elcaptian and it failed and the bios got corrupted only until the Acer logo and it can't enter the bios Thank you to all of you
  3. how to can fix system up nano in secound my spek acer 4257g installer elcap ram 4g intel core i7 sandybridge dual grafis intel hd 3000 and nvidia geforce
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