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  1. Hello @anto barreca Can you explain step by step what process you use in CCC? It is the 1st time that I will use it and I want the copy to look good. From what little I've seen of CCC, it doesn't create a disk image, does it? just clone it, right? I will have to buy a SSD BackUp. Thanks.
  2. Hi friends, I have always used Clonezilla, to make my BackUps in Hackintosh. The truth is that Clonezilla has saved my life on many occasions. Now with my new Hackintosh on OS X Big Sur and the SSD in APFS format, I just realized that PartitionClone does not support this partition format. What programs do you use to create your full hard disk BackUps (with all its partitions)? The truth is that I did not expect that Clonezilla did not support this format, I see that any day, due to a bad update or some error, doing the Hackintosh again from scratch. Thanks.
  3. Hi @MaLd0n Yes, I know, maybe I didn't get the question right. I was referring to which is the path where I should copy this file that you have created? By the way, I suppose you have noticed that this CPU its integrated graphics is the 530, I think. As in the capture that happens to you, the 630 comes out. Obrigado.
  4. Hi @MaLd0n Today watching a YouTube video in full screen, my Hackintosh has rebooted. Before that, Firefox gave me a tab error a couple of times and I had to reload it. When only the PC restarted, I had an error / warning when loading the OS. And when entering the desktop, this error message. Photo: Today was the day I was going to do the backup with clonezilla, now that I had the Hackintosh to my liking. Now it has left me scared, I thought that the Hackintosh would be 100% functional and without errors. I hope you can give me a hand and find the solution.
  5. Hi @MaLd0n Using this patch, will the DisplayPort or HDMI output work for the internal graphics card of the CPU? What is the path to place this patch? Obrigado.
  6. Send me iMac-de-Hack.home.zip
  7. Hi @MaLd0n GA-z170X-Designare csm? Thanks
  8. Hello friends, It seems that the GTX 760 does not give me an image through the HDMI in OSX Catalina. Should something special be done in the clover or opencore config? It is to have multiple displays connected to the graphics card. Thanks
  9. Nice. I had it well configured, I needed to do the step of pressing Ctrl in the boot. One question, what is the Piker Mode option? I have it in External, but I see that this Bullit and Apple. Thank you.
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