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    i7 9700k
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    Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming
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    Pulse RX580 8GB
  1. Here are the screenshoots 1.zip
  2. Freeze from sleep Tried everything I could, but still no luck. Please help My EFI I also uploaded the debug.txt opencore-2020-06-01-171137.txt.zip
  3. Thank you for the reply, beside remove SSDTs, anything else i need to change for my Config.plist? Do i need to fix following? https://ibb.co/41Bds42
  4. can you still help me to get DSDT? I can get into my opencore system, but just want to make it perfect. thank you~
  5. Here is my RunMe result, does it work for Z87? http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=39236265728161046157 Thank you
  6. Hi. i keep getting file too big. what should i do? its only 3.5 mb.
  7. Default setting! Send me Poohs-iMac.charter.com.zip
  8. This is original DSDT from my default BIOS setting. origin.zip
  9. One more question, default BIOS setting vs. modify BIOS setting both run RunMe.app will it give different DSDT?
  10. that's awesome!!! every time I came here, I learn something new~~
  11. How about BIOS setting? I thought you will have completed tutorial for this build~
  12. I meant if I purchase exactly same components as this "HackBeast" Same CPU, GPU, MotherBoard. Do you have the EFI folder that I can download from this "Golden Build"?
  13. Do you have EFI folder for this built? Can I use Rx580 and different CPU, but same motherboard?
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