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  1. Hi Mald0n, here my hack mini send me DSDT patch please Send Me thank you
  2. Really thanks for the tip Mald0n you the best!!
  3. Welcome no luck for me too to boot on olarila big sur....
  4. test another smbios.plist i think so only for update and after mac os updated replace the right smbios.plist used
  5. Hi all, need help to find the right pinout for bluethoot and sd card to use on usb on my hack mini Cards came from a damage iMac late 2009. USB------------SD CARD USB-------BT CARDRed-------------??? Red-------------??? Green-----------??? Green----------????White-----------??? White-----------????Black------------??? Black------------?????SD CARD hasGreyPurpleBlackBrownBlueBlack (ground) BT CARD has GreyPurpleLight GreyBrownBlack (ground)
  6. Really weird problem here because of some artefacts I wanted to fix that with legacy video patch for Catalina but have black screen after. I make a fresh install and after put again my efi folder can not boot anymore with smbios Mac mini 5,1 reboot loop and usb 3 does not work anymore. Any help please???
  7. hi all French user here thanks to Mald0n tutorial and help and all team thank you very very much. tutorial guide here: https://www.olarila.com/topic/4826-hackintosh-guide-sierra-highsierra-mojave-catalina-on-serie-5-6-7-8-9-with-clover-bootloader-dsdt/ post install steps and EFI folder: EFI Folder update Usb 3 show on Hackintool don't really think it is usb 3 speed. Next step 1- update to 10.15.6 version 2- iSight, bluethoot card and sd card to solder and all connect by usb 3- have chime boot with arduino 4- Buy a magic keyboard and a Magic Mouse 2
  8. DH61AG with i5 2320 (hd 2000 graphic) mojave install works fine but catalina don't, do you think i must change the cpu????
  9. No for me install start but before 2 minutes while finish preparing the installation and restart i have the same error message: An error occurred while preparing the installation. try running this application again olarila catalina
  10. same problem here on 2 minutes left to finish, Mald0n is it possible to have your 10.15.5 image for download thanks
  11. yes I see this tutorial but I want to understand one thing .xml files must be copied too???? where??? ok have tested some option but still not have sound.... have install voodoo kexts and works but does not really like voodoo.... thanks anyway
  12. yes I see this tutorial but I want to understand one thing .xml files must be copied too???? where???
  13. thanks for DSDT patch Mald0n need help again for audio i see the tutorial audio but no luck conexant 20752 codec as line inside info.plist inside AppleALC kext but I think not activated please help thanks see efi folder http://www.mediafire.com/file/ks9zvopbgmy7lkr/EFI.zip/file
  14. Hi, can you patch my dsdt please, I think no graphic accelerated, no wifi, no audio, no camera and with config.plist stuck on apfs module start 1689 thanks in advance Lenovo Ideapad V110-15ISK model 80UD Send me MBP-de-Teiva.lan.zip
  15. still the same error i don't understand😐 can you give a good link for the image?? i don't understand have installed mac os mojave 10.4.5 boot on it and change date until today reboot, boot on catalina 10.5.5 and now im installing mac os really weird problem😏
  16. another error with the new image 😐 image can not use to install macos
  17. ok thank you i will redownload
  18. no luck still says need internet connexion is there away to add kexts for my wifi under windows system??? does not have any notebook or pc under mac os anymore😐
  19. it ok it was just a date problem
  20. Hi everyone, it has been a long time i made pc or notebooks for install mac os but with the new version of catalina 10.15.5 or mojave 10.14.6 i see on install we must be connected over the net??? but after connected another error can not continue install because files can not be downloaded is there a fix for that????? thanks
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