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  1. How to adjust brightness for maximum after start, i tried everything without success.
  2. and audio but i using external mouse and bluetooth headset little problem is starting brightness, after start is not full, when i sleep/wake brightness is full
  3. Last efi made in by dortania guide, only ssdt, fn keys working 100% no opposite brightnes key work, but audio and trackpad still not working. Still i study, finding and trying. For others : https://easyupload.io/l5ggev
  4. Dont working : is too late to day for me 1:15 AM morning i must working in my and parents garden with my wife 😀
  5. MaLd0n do you have some idea about audio working. I trying solve this problem few days without sense. i find this, but i dont understand what is mean. 11th gen , but the same audio ALC 287 by voodohda ?! https://github.com/regspy/YOGA-14S-2021-hackintosh
  6. I have not this laptop my last saved EFI : https://file.io/V2oD6YA53nji
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