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  1. My problem was solved, something was causing me conflict, I backed up the progress and reinstalled again without adding anything extra except solution for hd 520, that solved me, it work for me in Catalina and Mojave, I stayed with mojave for 32b support. my config is a mess, but it works for me, while I learn to perfect it config.zip
  2. i have the same problem, lenovo ideapad 300 14lsk. My display was broken so i use only hdmi, when boot and black screen, only disconnect and connect the hdmi and work. previous i have a problem with intel hd 520 4mb, now its appear like hd 530 but 1536mb
  3. URL not working more u.u can you help me? i need EFI folder but url is broken, same in forum link u.u
  4. Pls can you help me? i have 300 14lsk, but i have a problem with hd 520/audio/and wifi (bt work native! ac 3165) can you pass me your config.plst?
  5. u.u i have hd520, i try with pci info but after reboot only give me a line "Graphics driver failed to load: could not register with Framebuffer driver!", i open config.plst with clover configurator, smbios check mbp 13.1. My bby Lenovo ideapad 300 14lsk Core i3 6th 8gb ram intel hd520
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