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    Gygabyte rx580
  1. Hello everyone After some days trying my best (I'm no expert like Madlon, not even 1% close) to have my Hackintosh working on a Asus x299 TUF mark 1, I have the os working perfectly (it seems so) Bellow I leave my GITHUB with all my Opencore files and instructions, I know at least 1 more member in this forum uses my board, and is time to give back. As I said I'm no expert please if you find something wrong or that can be done better please tell me, I would like that. The link: https://github.com/portugaline/OPENCORE-ASUS-X299-TUF-1
  2. Hello mate, your motherboard is pretty much the same as mine, I have the x299 TUF 1, all that was need was: change EC0 to EC 4543305f 45435f5f Check page 4 too check what was needed for mine.
  3. Hello people, I used this guide to install High Sierra on this machine: Asus x299 TUF mark 1 32GB ddr4 2666 Gigabyte aeros rx580 8GB ssd m.2 samsung 970 evo after install I was able to update use FileVault reboot and encrypt my hard rive everything seems to be ok, I need help with DSDT pach to assure everything works perfectly, so far I noticed a problem in USB ports, also I use apple mouse and keyboard using a bluethoot usb pen, but I'm getting big lag on my mouse. In attachment rune.app output Many thanks to all Send me Helios-iMac-2.zip
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