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  1. Hi Maldon, I accidentally updated my BIOS again and the last DSDT doesn't work anymore. This is my new Send_me file, thank you very much. Send me Akis-MacBook-Pro.zip
  2. Thank you Mald0n! I got tried it right and face this issue: https://m.imgur.com/FiMUBkZ I have tried ncpi=0x2000, 0x3000, PCIRootUID=0, 1 and -x, -f but none worked Maybe it does conflict with NullCPUPowerManagement? Do you have any suggestion?
  3. Hi Maldonado, Could you make a patch for my sub device please? Also I tried patching it but many things didn't work somehow, especially I can't find where the IDT 92HD81X is. Thank you in advanced This is my Send Me: Send me Dells-MBP.zip
  4. Sorry, this is my original file, with no dumb remaming patch. Thanks for your work Send me.zip
  5. Hi, My bios was updated so I'm not able to use the old dsdt anymore... I messed up the clover and kext in order to use my DW1820A, now it's working flawlessly. I hope that you can help me with the remaining works. My file has 6.2mb and it can't be upload here, here's my gdrive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12GsrSlUq0jj-2NPjQMEwfbBsWqXzLZ8Z/view?usp=sharing Thanks in advanced
  6. Can u check my dump after patching the dsdt files? The brightness control and the battery percentage doesn't work, it shows 0% charged. Send me Duongs-MacBook-Pro.zip
  7. Thank you so much MaLd0n, I have confused with installing procedure for too long... This is my dump, could you make me the patch? Send me Duongs-MacBook-Pro.zip
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