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  1. btw sir what can you suggest about the sound,, i patched applehda, copy the patched in s/l/e and changed the audio in my config list after restart no audio yet
  2. after I format my target drive and install it, when i restarted and boot in usb, and boot the target drive, installation get wrecked.. but i follow some tutorial in youtube. have to use config2.plist. and edit the boot args delete dart, and add -f after -v and after kext-dev-mode, add USBBusFix=Yes as of now the installation is ongoing about 6 minutes remaining, awhile ago when i dont edit the boot args, when installation is ongoing after how many secs the installation get wrecked
  3. solved, in my bios, reset bios settings, boot-> disable legacy rom, enable legacy boot, ptt off virtualization off config2.plist
  4. Help me, this is the problem I'm facing right now. I'm using 10.13.6. config2.plist.. fakesmc and voodoo only in my kext this is the link of the picture https://imgur.com/a/Vyqm2gi link for my clover https://drive.google.com/open?id=18r862tyBddCrlbCsHSqvRozfMYeaIhUg
  5. where i can find the config2.plist in http://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=6393 it seems that i dont have permission to download the attached files,
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