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  1. Thanks! now looks nice 👍 One question, on opencore boot screen my laptop keyboard always not working, but on macOS is working good. is there fix for that?
  2. thank you Just installed Monterey Beta on my Laptop and it looks stable with my fav Apps, i'm keeping it do you want to take a look to my EFI folder and fine tuning my system please ? this is RunMe: Send me MSIs-MacBook-Pro.zip
  3. This is good news, bad is not showing GPU in "About This Mac", I always loved to see my powerful GPU's listed there 😪
  4. clean macOS installation 11.5.2 fixed the problem, now score is 1800 for SC and 10400 for MC, even more than Windows with no overclock 🥳😎 SMBIOS is iMacPro 1,1 which i may change to MacPro7,1 as you suggest. previously i had "kernel_task" high CPU usage problem which i fixed by disabling "USB Audio" in BIOS for my Asus motherboard, maybe that was causing the low score i don't know, thank you for help anyway and i'll keep updating if anything changes 👍
  5. my score under macOS is 6529 for multi-core and 1231 for single-core, using iMac20,2 With iMacPro1,1 and MacPro7,1 score goes to 8k for multi-core but then CPU power management is not good, so I keep iMacPro20,2
  6. Thanks to amazing Olarila website and my super hero Mald0n support, I managed to have my Hackontosh with i9-11900K, 6900XT macOS 11.5.1 up and running. As my system now is under testing I realized that Geekbench 5 score is half of what it is in Windows 10 in single core and 30% less in multicore, BIOS settings are OK as are the same for both Windows and Hackintosh. If anyone have had this experience or any tips or suggestions to tryout, please consider to give me your thoughts so I can solve this problem with your help. Thanks!
  7. it seems i solved the problem with Ethernet by this 2 steps: 1. using only "dk.e1000=0" bootarg (No any other kext or patch) 2. changing my Ethernet settings manually in Settings/Advanced/Hardware/Duplex, from (full-duplex, flow-control, energy-efficient-ethernet) to (full-duplex) this worked after multiple times of restart on 11.5.1 and i think it works for macOS Monterey as well, need test. My only problem now is mapping USB ports, the system shows onboard Audio and CPU cooler and motherboard ARGB cable as USB ports so its limiting other USB ports of motherboard, and some
  8. I managed intel i225v to work only by kernel patch with device id F2150000 from Asus Z490i seems to work with my Asus Z590i, hope it is stable 😐 here is my RunMe app 🙂 Send me Mac-Pro.zip
  9. hi, finalIy I installed macOS 11.5.1 on my system using this guide and your OC EFI for 500 series. Now problem is, Ethernet is green in settings but Safari is not opening any webpage. EDITE: After restart it worked, now time for fine tuning 🤗 help me in fine tuning please Asus Strix Z590i 11900K RX 6900XT 16GB Corsair 3200MHz RAM Ethernet is intel i225-V
  10. I managed to install and get to desktop, problem is when I plug in Ethernet cable the system freeze. And then when I tried to force shutdown, the system stuck in verbose "apfs_module_start" Here is picture of my screen, please help https://imgur.com/YQiXhOj
  11. Every time I download Olarila image I get "RAW" file which opens with Photoshop, if I convert it to ZIP to extract I get nothing, I always have this problem with Olarila image so I download from App Store. Why vanilla App Store Big Sur has problems now?
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