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  1. i try with VirtualSMC-1.1.5-DevBuild-07282020_072748 but don't work on my laptop Dell. Any help me?
  2. VirtualSMC v1.1.4 work. Don't work kext of u for me
  3. DW1560 work with DMG restore of you, but i install with usb it don't work? same kext, same OC
  4. Why i don't see partition Mac after install?
  5. After Install on device with usb, I don't see partition Macintosh, only show reboot and recovery 10.16?
  6. if I use booter-fileset-kernel and booter-fileset-basesystem if I don't use booter-fileset-kernel and booter-fileset-basesystem OC my work with IMG here https://www.olarila.com/topic/8977-guide-installrestore-bigsur-with-opencore/ You can't help me?
  7. reset NvRam it oki but same error LOOP https://www.olarila.com/topic/9089-olarila-big-sur-vanilla-image-usb-installation/?do=findComment&comment=111414
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