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  1. Thanks @MaLd0n. Regarding the config file I shared with you in the previous post, do I have to change something? Hello @MaLd0n. I was able to finally have WiFi 100% functionally after updating the device properties based on the last DSDT you shared and removed from kernel<add section the plugins in the Config file. Thanks a lot for all your help.
  2. Hello @MaLd0n. Attached is the Config file, Ioreg and DSDT. Still no luck with the WiFi BCM94331CD in Big Sur beta 2. Jorge’s iMac.zip System DSDT.aml config latest.plist.zip
  3. @MaLd0n I just did what you suggested but no WiFi after booting. There should be something else that is tricking me... @MaLd0n I uploaded a screenshot of how the card was reported under ioreg in macOS Catalina. IMG_4612.zip
  4. Thanks @MaLd0n. So should I go inside the AirportBrcmFixup kext and delete the new two plugins and add in OC config file under device properties the device id?
  5. DSDT included as requested. I also included the OC config file. DSDT.aml config.plist.zip
  6. Never mind @MaLd0n. After reading another thread I realized that I just needed to explicitly include the two new plugins of updated AirportBrcmFixup kext, which I did in addition to include your DSDT. I booted again but still no working WiFi. Attached are the zipped screenshot and kext. Could you please advise if I did something wrong? AirportBrcmFixup.kext.kext.zip IMG_4611.zip
  7. Hello @MaLd0n . I read the following in the read me of airportbrcmfixup GitHub:  Remove injectors for AirPortBrcm4360 and AirPortBrcmNIC from main Info.plist and move them into separate plugins AirPortBrcm4360_Injector and AirPortBrcmNIC_Injector (kexts with plist only). Under 10.16 (Big Sur) plugin AirPortBrcm4360_Injector.kext must be blocked by MaxKernel 19.9.9 or just removed, otherwise it will block loading of AirPortBrcmNIC since class AirPortBrcm4360 is unsupported.  My question is how I block the injector by MaxKernel 19.9.9 in the config file kernel section? I was looking for some examples but couldn’t find one.
  8. Hello Mald0n: I tested the DSDT you shared on Sunday (https://www.olarila.com/?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=find&content_class=forums_Topic&content_id=923&content_commentid=112260) but it does not solve the WiFi issue in Big Sur. Are there any additional config.plist tweaks, kexts or edits required in combination with the DSDT you shared?
  9. Thanks a lot! I’ll test it later on. I’m disconnecting for now as I’m not feeling good.
  10. Hello MaLd0n and everyone in this forum! You have been great so far and thanks to your guidance I was able to install and boot through OpenCore 0.6.0 Big Sur beta 2 on a spare SSD working as an external drive through an enclosure. I installed it from an USB installer that I created following MaLd0n guide. Everything appears to be working well except for the wifi which is a BRCM94331 (bluetooth is working). I read in Dortania that support for this wifi card was dropped in Big Sur but I was hoping that with some workaround it could work. I even tried creating a SSDT but no luck with it. My build is a GA-Z97-HD3 i5-4790K, RX-580, 16 GB RAM (disable iGPU). I see that when I try to open Network in System Preferences is not responding. Was the Network preferences disabled in Big Sur or it's just a bug? MaLd0n, if you can take a look at what I've achieved and share with me some solution (DSDT/SSDT or patches) for the wifi it would great. Attached is my OC folder (except for AppleALC and BrcmFirmwareRepo kexts which were too big to be included). Sysdump.zip OC Folder.zip Send me Jorges-iMac.zip
  11. Hello MaLd0n! I’m gonna try again using the Olarila folder config file as the basis and get back to you.
  12. Hello MaLd0n! I was able to configure the OpenCore folder and boot from it but I'm still struggling with the PlatformInfo section of the config.plist. After booting and starting up MacOS, when I go to System Information app the system freezes and stop working. I'm doing something wrong for sure configuring the PlatformInfo section in the OpenCore config file. Could you take a look at my config files in OpenCore and Clover to see if I can have in the OpenCore config file something similar to what I have in the clover config file? config OpenCore.plist.zip config Clover.plist.zip
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