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  1. Here is the new send me files. Can you check if everything is ok , please? https://mega.nz/file/zRJBVaRB#TooUrMiPgd9-N5iI5OWNoEoaJpeTm-dvFuilLB7pHBQ
  2. Should I use only this dsdt or do I need ssdts , too? What about config.plist ? Should I use the one in efi on your 1st post?
  3. A help with mine? I deleted kext folder to make file smaller to upload. Send me CATALINA.zip generic_ioreg.txt.zip
  4. @MaLd0n, is it possible to install image on a partiton (e.g. disk1s1) instead of a disk?
  5. I have this problem when mounting image. Last login: Sat Jun 27 09:20:06 on ttys003 [email protected] ~ % hdid -nomount "/Users/mathewg/Desktop/macOS_11.dmg dquote> Nevermind , solved.
  6. @MaLd0n, how did you do that ? Preinstalled image?
  7. Can someone help me to patch battery on my laptop (Dell 5570)? In dsdt there are BAT0 and BAT1. I've read the guide but it is too complicated for me. Could someone help me? Battery percentage droping suddenly from 40-45% to 5-6% and it is driving me crazy. Here are the debug files if someone will. Thanks in advance. debug.zip
  8. Sometimes battery jumps from 40% or so to 5-6% instantly. i have changed battery (original) and the problem persists. And I don't know if there is something wrong with my configuration or a hardware problem.
  9. Can anyone please check if I need any kind of patch for my battery? Thanks in advance. https://mega.nz/file/TU43WSrD#-HfO19fhor3FJUAm06kPCUco8NqAJwWKTnFpGUQkKfw
  10. On a Dell 5570 (Catalina) coconut battery shows a 5% difference with the macos battery percentage. This only happens when ssdt-plug or plugintype=1 is used. Is this normal , happens to you , too ? Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 14.28.24.pdf.zip
  11. Thanks but still not working. Send me High-Sierra.zip
  12. I have a problem with screen brightness on a Dell 5570. Although there is a slider in settings it doesn't change brightess at all. Sme thing happens with OpenCore bootloader and Catalina also. This problem doesn't not exist if I use platform-id 0x59160000. Thanks in advance. Y.G. I have deleted kexts/other folder because file is too large to upload. Send me High-Sierra.zip slider and kexts folder.zip
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