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  1. I used Macpro7,1 and FPS and geekbench results are still the same I was able to monitor GPU temp with FakeSMC3 with plugins (the normal release did not show GPU), but Intel gadget still does not show overclock and CPU scores are still slower in Mac than in Windows AppleIntelInfo shows the max turbo frequency as 4.4 but even when I use programs to test the CPU it never reaches this Any thought ? Tks
  2. Hi I gave up Big Sur because of compatibility with some programs (Specially Parallels with a lot of bugs and no updated working version with USB fix) and decided to go back to Catalina Installed everything fine, and Opencore Sanity Checker is ok (The only issue here is SSDT-PLUG that does not work with Ivy Bridge (but I tried to check if overclock would work ok) with some warnings but everything is stable I created all SSDT in Windows including the SSDT-PLUG just to make sure it would make my overclock work I am sending a link with my EFI folder and screenshots from geekben
  3. Hi I was able to install with no problems before seeing the reply Everything works fines but overclock and the new GPU (Navi) does not show temps Tks
  4. Hi Clover still stucks in the ++++++ signs and Opencore was having ACPI states hanging in the installer (acpi sleep states s3 s4 s5) I used nullpowermanagement kext inside opencore kext folder and now it booted to the installer and when it was 13 min to finish it had a kernel panic regarding iographics Gonna try not using my ACPI settings and if still fails gonna install Catalina only to be able do dump and reassemble ACPI tables Tks
  5. Hi I am trying to install Olarila (Opencore) and I am having this issue I even downloaded vanilla opencore downloading images from Apple with macrecovery to make sure it was not a image problem and in both scenarios this happens The same error with OS.dmg.root_hash and stucks in the installation Tks 20201208_100931men.zip
  6. I was able to install OpenCore EFI from a facebook post (Olarila group) but it stucks in the middle and fails Any way to actually install ?
  7. I was able to install Mojave and Catalina with no problem here, did not install any EFI to the NVME since I was trying to check if it was some mistake at my BIOS settings I was not using Hackintosh for a while since I was using Nvidia 1060 and now I got a 5600XT I know my CPU is from older gen (1155 i7-3770K) but it has a good and stable overlock fixed at 4.7 and using a PCIE nvme (Corsair 510 2tb) that works fine with Mojave and Catalina (10 min install) Motherboard ASUS Sabertooth Z77 with 4 x 8GB Gskill TridentX 2666Mhz It has a few addon cards (4 po
  8. Hi This does not does not work with series 5, 6, 7 8 9 ? I have a i7-3770K here I was using Windows for a while because work issues and got lost those times Tks
  9. Opa Maldon Eu postei isso no grupo do face tb Sem erro Peguei mais pra testar mesmo pq a 1050 nem minha e e a 1060 ta em outra maquina Pro fim do ano vou ver uma 580, 590 ou Vega mesmo Valeu
  10. Oi pessoal Alguem aqui conseguiu no Mojave usar dual video com a 1050TI ? No caso e uma Galax com 1 HDMI, 1 DP e 1 DVI So consigo fazer o video aparecer em 1 saida, e em geral ela sai pela DVI se ambos monitores estiverem ligados e caso ligue o HDMI (so) sai imagem normal, porem nao consigo fazer ambas saidas funcionarem ao mesmo tempo) e sequer ligando o 2o monitor apos o boot da sinal de vida Tem um monitor HDMI e outro que e so DVI e VGA Tentei ligar pelo HDMI e usando o HDMI pra DP e mesmo assim somente um monitor sai imagem E na 740SC (placa antiga que to usando ag
  11. Sim, sim So to falando que a GPU rodou de boa nessa versao sem me preocupar com webdriver So vou arrumar o Kext agora da USB 3 e do audio (RTL892) pq vi que a maquina ta de boa Ate fiz stress teste e rodou liso
  12. E ta rodando tudo liso E a GPU (GT 740SC) rodando com aceleracao nativa sem precisar me preocupar com web drivers
  13. Edit: Consegui fazer por UEFI usando um outro pendrive Nao faco a minima ideia do que ocorreu, ja que o pendrive do HS e do mesmo modelo que o pendrive feito pro Mojave, porem pro Mojave subir pelo USB so deu pra fazer usando um outro pen de marca diferente e testei o pendrive, nao tem erro....
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