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  1. Hello Maldon, Recently I have installed Catalina 15.5.6 with opencore 0.5.9. Its working fine with few problems: Sleep/Wake not working. Battery indicator not working HDMI needs to unplug and then plug again after every reboot as its not detected automatically. Audio volume is too low. I have attached my EFI and Sendme.zip files here. Thanks for ur kind co-operation. EFI : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hMl3R9lM0CuqWY01FCqLTLBuJcUfiQb0/view?usp=sharing Sendme.zip : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Po9HDDL1ve9EXHgxzioHGTvyf5drR23c/view?usp=sh
  2. Any Torrent link for downloading dmg file ? I m trying download for last couple of days but it gets error after 70-80% and never resume... A torrent link will be highly appreciated... Thank you.
  3. Dear Maldon, Hope u r fine. I have attached the send me file here for DSDT patch.... I have recently installed Catalina 10.15 (HP pavillion i5 7200u, HD620 with Samsung 4k TV as monitor via HDMI) but could not go further.Hope you will kind enough to patch this for me. Thanks. https://filebin.net/8ta0k5pdrs2o5q0t
  4. Installed ...Everything is working fine except Graphics (Intel HD 620, Kabylake).... any solution ???
  5. Should I install codeccommander though kext utility or just drop it to clover/kext/other ?? Downloded the codeccommander from here (attached image)
  6. Thanks a lot bro.. Brightness slider is working ... My Audio codec is ALC295 Layout 13 (not sure about layout).. After putting layout 13, it remains same (lower internal speaker)... I have even tried layout 3 and 28 ..same result ... As I have not changed the intel wifi/Bluetooth chip, looks like bluetooth not gonna fully compatible ...
  7. Here is the new send_me. Please note that Internal speaker sound is low and baterry is draining like 1% per min ... Also can't turn off Bluetooth.... Send me Nazibs-MacBook-Pro.zip
  8. Everything is working like a charm bro ... Only there is no brightness slider in display preferences... any thoughts?
  9. Thanks for the detailed guideline brother. Can you help me to edit my DSDT attached here ?? Send me Nazibs-MacBook-Pro.zip
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