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  1. Ok, ...that's what i have after starting up my pc. Because I have extract directly to my hdd with diskimager, i do believe that should use a cd/dvd instead and than following with hdd installation.... isn't it? Anyway, how should proceed? selecting "Start UEFI Shell 64"? Than is not clear to me when should use RunMe.app...... Could anyone better explain me in a clear way? Thank you so very much
  2. Good Morning Sir, just a practice question: have downloaded raw image of High Sierra. My understanding is that that's an image and not an installation disk that will start installing mac OS once starting up my pc. Do I'm wrong? If so, I do have to use W32 image to create an installation USB stick and than install from there ? Than after installed should I use your RunMe.app? Thank you and please excuse me for some other questions will arise
  3. If I understand correctly, should follow these steps: 1)Download image of sierra 2)burn it and install on my hdd 3)run your RunMe-app and send you the results Is it that right ?
  4. That's the hardware: Clevo D900 (Yorkfield Intel core2 Extreme X9650... plus Nvidia geforce 8800M gtx (2 times in SLI)... ChipsetP965/G965 and southbridge 82801HB/HR), Thank you
  5. Ok, I asked from beginning, if someone can light up my mind on how proceed to install macOS into my clevo machine. It's about 3 months already that I'm searching around but still didn't found how get this job done. A friend on an hackintosh group advised me to join this blog... so I'm here . I would really appreciate your teaching about
  6. Good Morning, finally back home from work... So have download zipped folder RunMe.app.zip and copy into an usb stick. Than started the notebook on which is running W7 and tryed to see any executable file on your zipped folder. Please excuse but can't do anything there's nothing available to run on windows or in that way. Please, i do believe i should use different way of use it. Could you better explain me about? Thank you
  7. That's fine thank's. More or less as wetransfer. Please tell me which address to point my upload so you can see it
  8. Thank you MaLdOn, will run DSDT edits and will send you the result right? Which address should I use for ? Best regards
  9. Hy there, I'm brand new in this forum, searching how to start move to hackintosh my Clevo D900 (Yorkfield Intel core2 Extreme X9650... plus Nvidia geforce 8800M gtx (2 times in SLI)... ChipsetP965/G965 and southbridge 82801HB/HR) can't find anything to help me start on this job. Does anybody could give me an input about? Please excuse me if I wrote into this post. Thank's alot
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