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  1. I have issue from beta 10 to this version, when i using mouse and move somewhere like dock icon , it will causing laggy and high cpu for WindowServer ( touchpad not cause this issue ), im dont know what this issue (maybe like USB or Graphic) but beta 9 don't have this issue Core i7 - 6700HQ - OpenCore 0.6.4 - Intel HD 530
  2. Please help me to disable nvidia gpu on mojave ( i cannot sleep with it ) Send me Tos-MacBook-Pro.net.fpt.zip
  3. Here after new boot , my laptop cannot plug hdmi without nvidia because it direct to nvidia port , missing brightness slider and sleep not working Send me Tos-MacBook-Pro.zip
  4. Please help me to patch dsdt for my hackintosh , hdmi nvidia cannot work only black screen only working cursor on external screen Send me Tos-MacBook-Pro.zip
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