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  1. can i remap usb from windows ? because i cant login to mac, all usb port not function
  2. Hello, Good Day I would like to request a DSDT patch for Asrock z390 pro 4 with core i9 and sapphire rx 560. Thank you Links : Send Me Files
  3. thanks, but i got issue wake from sleep. is there any workaround ?
  4. hello MaLd0n, i just update to catalina 10.15.2 from high sierra, is there any patch need to re configure ? thanks http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=44298194464893220750
  5. thanks Mald0n.. it works greats. sorry for late response. can i keep uses smbios imac 10.1 ?
  6. hii MaLd0n i just upgrade my pc from xeon e5450 to i3 9100f, can you tune my dsdt ?. i got running with smbios imac 10.1 but no luck for shutdown thanks Send me Hendras-iMac.zip
  7. Try use displayport instead hdmi. I got my asrock rx 580 working with displayport to hdm conventer. When i use hdmi i got black screen
  8. erroruser, yes i already did that mention in page 1 with g-platform-id 0x19120001. do i need boot with igp / dgpu as primary ?
  9. erroruser, here my capture for bios setting after i change dmvt size, it seems this app only recognize my gtx 1080 instead HD 530
  10. erroruser, im already enabled igp in bios. VDADecoderChecker show hardware acceleration is fully supported ,but its offline
  11. hii MaLd0n i'm already put ig-platfom-id for my skylake (6700K) but intel 530 not show on hardware info
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