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  1. Hello ! thanks a lot for all. Can you please help me fix my DSDT. Lenovo S510 core i3 6100 8G DDR4 sleep problem no sound link to my run_me : https://filebin.net/obszv3r49gf06lun/send_me.zip?t=5rqsg2cl Best regards.
  2. Hello MaLd0n, Here is my send me from my gigabyte Z370 ultra gaming with bios F8 upgrade. Can you help with dsdt fine tune. I lost wifi after bios upgrade Regards, Karouteur. Send me iMac-de-CosPi.zip
  3. It's Ok !!! well done. Could you please now do the same for my second system ? Send me iMac-de-CosPi.zip Best regards
  4. Hello Maldon, Thanks a lot for your great job. I follow your guide to succefully install osx on my two systems. Could you please help me now to fine tune the DSDT of the first one ? Here are the runme file Send me iMac-de-Ludovic.zip thanks for your help. Regards, Karouteur
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