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  1. Hi, please help me to patch my DSDT for my laptop. Thanks! Send me Josecars-MacBook-Pro.zip
  2. Thanks, Maldon, I went to the tutorial but on step 1 it says "Open your DSDT file with MacIASL app and click the Patch tab". I think the attached file is not the DSDT file for my computer right? What should I do then? Regards
  3. Thanks, it worked but there's no box for the "automatic..." (attach image) that way it's also ok to start with the tutorial? Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 11.00.10 PM.zip
  4. Hi, I came here because F1 and F2 are showing the level on the screen, the problem is that they are not really changing the brightness level at all. The max and minimum level are the same. The problem following this guide is there's no brightness slider like in my High Sierra Hackintosh laptop (see attached image). What should I do first? Thanks No brightness slider.png.zip
  5. Hi, Please help me with the screen brightness. It shows the level when pushing F1 and F2 but the brightness level is exactly the same always. I also attach the file that runme provides for the DSDT. Thanks DSDT patch request.zip
  6. Hi thanks for the DSDT Maldon, The sound is not working. When I boot and reboot my MSI gl62m 7rd laptop, the only sound I hear is like a little snap. It has the alc899. Please, could you help me?
  7. Hello Maldon, Thanks for your contribution to my hackintosh. I have made it with Olarila 10,2,6! Now I would like to do the DSDT, could you help me please? I attach the file of runme! Thanks If you could help me would be great! Send me MacBook-Pro-de-Josecar.zip
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