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  1. hello my laptop is acer e5 476g i5 8250U 12gb ram i succeed installed mojave 10.14.3 after instaalation.. restart and i got bootloop panic i tried config and config2 please help what i should do? btw no problem with high sierra and mojave beta thanks
  2. didnt worked on me.. dsdt.aml on acpi /patched right? (efi) and edit config.plist on clover configuration. here my run.app did I do something wrong? Send me Andres-MacBook-Pro.zip
  3. Hello sir Im kind a newbie on hackintosh I installed Mojave beta 8 not working : audio , brightness, and sleep (As far as I know) can u help me sir? I tried used apple alc but didn't work even applehda patcher I'm using ALC 255 (based on Jarvis-applehda patcher) this is my run.app apreciate it thanks send_me_yurieke.zip
  4. hi im kind a new with this hackintosh my spec Laptop Acer E5 476g i5 8250 Geforce mx150/intel hd 620 i tried instaled sierra and figured out to fix hd 620 and working. now im trying to use hhigh sierra but before i go to "install GUI" i got loop.. someone told me i have to disabled my VGA but i dunno how to do it can u help me?
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