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    1. How long have you waited? Could it possibly be that since no boot screen shows on video cards that do not have Mac firmware onboard, you're not going to see anything until that second part where the progress line draws across under the Apple logo, and then fades to the login page. Getting to that point sometimes, particularly on first boots after making changes or after finishing with the installer, can take what seems like an incredible amount of time. You may need to use onboard video or something else as a primary display source so you can see what the boot loader is outputting. I have
    2. I've not touched anything yet. The Gigabyte RX 580 I ordered came today. So in theory, I should be able to just drop that in? Though I imagine it's not going to show me the boot screen, so I'm going to use one monitor on the inbuilt video anyway.
    3. Yes, it's Asus, It doesn't seem to matter what brand I've used. I used to get Pioneer drives always since that's what Apple actually used, but I've got a few different ones here. When this started, it never mattered what brand. Seems to me though, that I was able to do something in the shell with a kext or some system function to get that to appear again. I don't recall it being a kextload .. that wouldn't make any sense anyway. But it was something that rediscovered it and didn't mess with the hard drives at all.
    4. When I did them, I did a few. See filenames. I'm exploring more of how this stuff works too, and want to see what changes when etc. https://easyupload.io/c3wor7
    5. OpenCore.. I'm guessing that Apple used an 8700 i5 variant and it's picking up on that, instead of resolving to UnknownCPU.
    6. If it's showing as the wrong CPU, though cosmetic I know, can that be fixed the same way by changing whatever one of them is doing it? (Or something weird voodoo gonna happen back there?) As in my 8700K is listed as i5 and not i7. Previously I did have the text at unknown CPU, this isn't exactly unknown, it's just mis-known.
    7. Since 10.12, if I leave a disc in the optical drive and it goes unused for some specific length of time, when you go to access the disc it won't access and the icon will disappear from the desktop after a little while, and the drive is no longer detected. It is not longer listed in the System Report. A reboot is required to get it back. As long as you use the mounted disc, or take it out when you're done it's fine. I'm sure it has something to do with drive sleep, but that's disabled. Though I would rather have it on if possible. I had a shell command that would cause the drive to re
    8. Any suggestions on an okay decent lower price Video Card for a third slot that will be used for tool pallets, PDF manuals, status windows, etc. with Big Sur?
    9. Greetings, Over these years, this is the best, the most organized, and straight forward OSx86 resource, hands down. I'm going to convert to OC, and go from 10.14.1 to .6 on this one.. (Fun thing with OC is I can go back and re-make the original machine I did in the DTS era .. Intel 915 and a stick of Celery!) Send me iMac-Pro.zip
    10. ...has anyone done the testing on an Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 board yet? As in, are the results from one system good for another with the same motherboard, aside from where the keyboard/mouse are plugged in? Also, in the port limit, are ports on a connected hub included? If so, I guess I'd be trading hub ports for on board ports.
    11. No change when I removed DSDT.aml from ACPI/Patched. Replaced it with the one provided above, still the same. I also plugged in a Belkin USB-C ethernet dongle. I don't get the "bouncing", I can set an IP manually but it still does not work. Added in 4 minutes 49 seconds: Without the interface defined, if I plug in the cable, the link remains solid. As soon as I add en0 and apply it, the link status starts cycling between cable is plugged in, self assigned IP, cable is unplugged, repeat. It does the same thing with both ports, and acts similarly with USB ether
    12. Same result, except the computer name changed .. (of course) Send me iMac-Pro.zip
    13. The status will go between: "The Cable for Ethernet is connected but your computer does not have an IP address" or "Either the cable for the Ethernet is not plugged in or the device at the other end is not responding" BIOS settings of "Wake on LAN" either disabled/enabled matter not. Send me ICBM-20.zip
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