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  1. New Clover Have Error code Before Booting Here How to fix this Using this Application Download Application Here: Clover Config Validator.dmg.zip Guide Refer Video: Credit only for creater Chris1111 https://com-chris1111.github.io
  2. Most of people worrying for this boot menu that why we maked alternative method and your thmes look cool
  3. Donation with Paypal https://tinyurl.com/r7fchn9 Donation with Stripe https://tinyurl.com/2ssnydn6 Donation with BuyMeaCoffee https://tinyurl.com/bvsbpf6e Donation with BTC 33HeGCuCSh4tUBqdYkQqKpSDa1E7WeAJQ3 Donation with PicPay @danielnmaldonado Donation with PiX @[email protected] Donation with Mercado Livre https://tinyurl.com/y9evkj5u Step 1: This Guide Work Only UEFI, Bios Lagacy User Try Easy Bcd or Boot Ice Etc Download Easy UEFI Open It Go Manage EFI Boot Option Clover Boot Menu Add Guide Note: Few Hp and Dell U c
  4. This Guide support Clover and Opencore Check Guide's Carefully 1.Required Tools Hackintool PlistEditor pro Clover & Oc Configurator Supported kexts Broadcom cards Required this kexts Download Kexts Here https://github.com/acidanthera/AirportBrcmFixup/releases https://github.com/acidanthera/BrcmPatchRAM/releases Supported Cards DW1830,DW1560,DW1820A KEXTS PATH FOR Clover EFI\Clover\Kexts\Others Folder FOR OpenCore EFI\Kexts Folder Also Need Add Config.plist Intel cards Requ
  5. First u try our pre-made EFI clover or open core check this kp seems outdated kexts and bootloader
  6. U can set any 8 th gen smbios apple mac Book Pro it's working perfectly now am using 2019 smbios it's also work perfectly nothing problem here 😉 Just Refer Clover configuration smbios section or everymac web site Don't set any others gen smbios it's only not good
  7. frozenade few things only changed see correct name then choose correctly if u have uefi boot just replace usb efi then reboot no need install bootloader
  8. It's working perfectly Added in 1 minute 16 seconds: It's working perfectly
  9. it's work onmy 10.14.2 not New version if u need Mojave u stay that version or go back hs it's best idea
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