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  1. Thank you pernacabeluda I will try that now, how best to find the correct GUID info? I tried this but it does not hide the option (copied guid from Clover- space bar): PS how to make CODE box like you Hide FileVault Prebooter HD(2,GPT,30FFF746-CE96-4B49-A944-74850C4EA960)
  2. Thanks you, I will leave it running now and see how it goes. One last thing, I have too many boot options: "> Which is best method to remove them?
  3. So I left the mac on and it went to screensaver, then black screen. Then by itself it rebooted. Possibly a bios setting?
  4. Wow thanks for the quick reply. I'll leave it running now and see if it comes out of sleep ok. About this Mac > iMac Pro (2017), CPU shows as "3.7 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5" where it should be 8700K, shall I manually edit .string file? Ta!
  5. Hi MaLd0n, Thanks for the great guide and all the information you provide. My Hackintosh is working with ethernet and sound, I think sleep is broken as I had a random restart... This is what I have done so far by following this guide: -Installed HS 10.13.4 from Olarila image. -Installed Clover 2.4 r4458 -MausiEthernet.kext for ethernet (working) -SATA-RAID-unsupported.kext so I could install to SSD (it was not showing up) -Sound (working already) -WebDriver-387. for GTX1080 (working) Send me Chriss-iMac.zip F4 Clover ChrisiMac.zip Many thank
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