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  1. why not torrent the iso? or put them up on fast file storage like
  2. how do i do this from windows 10? is there a macOS image DMG i can use to boot the laptop? ie booting macOS from USB FDD?
  3. step two your media is set up for what system? i need legacy boot
  4. Windows Noob needs help here for Legacy install on Intel 2nd Gen CPUs Laptops. 1. What are these torrents? are they hacked MacOSX HS downloads? 2. Why do I need them if i can grab them from Apple thru their backdoor links?
  5. HI i dont understand, you need to patch with the patch i linked you too, but i dont know how to do it from windows 10
  6. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/762-high-sierra-mbr-and-firmware-check-patch/ Hey guys, need lastest high sierra booting on MBR boot disk Can anyone help using that patch there in that link, or teach me to do so from windows/10 thanks
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