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  1. HI OpenCore: latest opencore from the first page. OS: Big Sur ----- Sleep ---------------- I want to put the computer to sleep, the screen goes black and does not go to sleep, the pc freezes and stays that way even if I press the keys. ________________________________________________________________________________ ----- Trackpad ---------- Not found ________________________________________________________________________________ ----- NVRAM ------------ Audio driver goes completely and does not come back when NVRAM is reset _______
  2. Hi I am looking for a solution for dw1820a (NGFF / M.2 14e4-43a3 BCM4350 A / B / G / N / AC), it is very affordable price (5€). Need support for deficiencies. Sometimes the gives kernel panic. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11322-broadcom-bcm4350-cards-under-high-sierramojavecatalina/ DW-1820-A.aml BCM94350ZAE.dsl PropertyInjector-DW1820A.kext.zip
  3. yes is native but freze. DW1560 --> BCM94360NG https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32464748097.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.54e24c4d9rgpjr Could the product be defective? Normally there is no reason to freeze. I checked, and it gets pretty hot.
  4. Hi MaLd0n BCM94360NG card arrived, the problem is that the machine connects to wifi and freezes in 1-2 minutes. Screenshots: https://prnt.sc/tvunmg https://prnt.sc/tvunyf SendME: https://filebin.net/lof3whzxwedlpssx https://filebin.net/lof3whzxwedlpssx/Send_me_MacBook-Pro.fritz.box.zip?t=k9zmj99i
  5. Hi MaLd0n I want to ask you which card should I buy? ( DW1560 has two models on aliexpress ) BCM94352Z BCM94360NG Best Regards
  6. HI Mald0n Can u recheck for Catalina, while sleep is ok but when the device wakes up, restarts when you log in to the login screen. Send_me: https://www.dosya.tc/server22/7dk1kq/Send_me_Mustafas-MacBook-Air.zip.html
  7. With darkwake = 0, device falls asleep and wakes up and USB doesn't work after waking up, or I think the device freezes after login
  8. Thank u but the screen went blank (black) and remained. device did not fall asleep.
  9. Hello, I have linked me Run.Me output, I would appreciate a DSDT file if you could get one done for me. Installed version: Catalina B7 ( Olarila ) I have sleep problem that is it. Thanks! Send me Mustafas-MacBook-Air.zip DSDT_SSDT.zip
  10. I cant mount EFI Partition. I try everything but, i cant mount it.
  11. And, What exactly do I have to do?
  12. Hello everybody, I need help for DSDT, I try to make a part, but I still have problems, eg the computer does not shut down, does not sleep. Finally, the lines comeon the screen and disappear(display glitch). https://mega.nz/#!EVsRUbyL!FLNLiYvfhVJK8qstyrvPFkOX1gRBqgL2xveIBRk4Q8k Thanks to everyone who helps DSDT.zip
  13. How do I do it? I do not know Clover either. I also know Chameleon. I tried the options in Settings not work.
  14. I tried it, unfortunately not work. I need to try it with safe mode (-X), but it is doing a direct restart. I need or to try with my DSDT file, but i cant found API folder.
  15. -x is not running, it is restarting! Turning off IGF in the graphics section is the same result, even if I open the video card option, the result is the same. I can start it in safe mode, maybe it will. I am loading Yosemite in that way.
  16. I waited about 15-20 minutes, on the black screen. I think it's a video card problem! GraphicsEnabler = Yes -----> I tried and did not GraphicsEnabler = No -----> I tried and did not Where should I put DSDT.aml? I could not find the folder. What else can I do?
  17. HI, After booting, the setup screen section does not come up and remains on the black screen.
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