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  1. @maldon.. the SSD heats too much . i have dual boot system. in SSD there is widows10 files.I dont use it .However still being in idle it heats up to 50 degrees or more. if disabling this device could be a solution then i want to. Added in 44 minutes 6 seconds: @maldon. i have two more problem. There is no sound in HDMI and the battery icon doesnt instantaneously change when a charger is plugged. please give me a fix .
  2. @Mal0n , thanks it is fixed. the only problem now is the SSD and HDD simply overheats in idle mode .any fix please?
  3. Hi, I have power management issue. battery drains fast .Hoping a fix.Thanks (system confiig , core i7 7700HQ ram 16GB Graphics card Intel HD 620 ) Send me Abids-MacBook-Pro .zip
  4. need battery, brightness,sound,hang or freeze problem.and restart problem..thanks in advance Send me Mds-MacBook-Air.zip
  5. Hi, I have patched the dsdt with necessary patches. The battery status is shown but its not updating..when i connect ac adapter the battery icon doesn't show that its charging although the percentage changes again sometimes it does not,most of the time it doesnt actually ..again when i unplug it doesn't show that it is on battery. Hoping for a fix for this battery problem. Thank you in advance. Send me MacBook-Pro.zip
  6. used the given dsdt ..and hotpatched with that. but nothing improves...i would really Appreciate if you just help me with the trackpad. my trackpad is elan 1200. i tried voodo i2c patch,did gpio pining yet cannot make it work.i really wish if the trackpad could work anyway.
  7. hi, i am using Olarilla Mojave. I need dsdt patched for my trackpad to work with voodoi2c.(please at-least make this work for me, i tried like hell but didn't manage to make my trackpad work....with my limited knowledge i dont think i will be able to fix this by myself) and dsdt patch to for sound and microphone to work with applehda.(although i am using voodohda,but the sound quality is very bad) lastly less important but i need dsdt patch for ASUS fn key functions. Thank you in Advance. Send me MacBook-Pro.zip
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UDPWX24sKC623iHlUN0GySfWs1-AhKJJ/view
  9. Hi , Thanks for taking your time to read this post.I'm posting this and hopping that someone would see this post and help me if possible. I have installed MAC OS High Siera Successfully on my asus rog gl553ve.my config is, *core i7 ,7700HQ, 4core-8thread,*ram 16gb*graphics card intel HD 630 Currently I am facing the following issues.I would really apreciate if anyone would help me resolve the following issues by giving patches or any other solution, 1.Battery icon is not showing 2.i would like to have fan control as the fan running slow that causing a bit heat issue 3.Trac
  10. hp 6460b and High Sierra question
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