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  1. thanks Mald, it got fixed with changing my smbios imacpro1,1 😊
  2. I finally replace my Nvidia 1070 Ti with AMD RX 5600 XT, it works just added adgpmod=pikera on my opencore config.plist and i am using the full DSDT patched by Mald0n. I will upload my config.plist for anyone wanna check it. Problem i notice is VideoProc is not recognize AMD RX 5600 XT for acceleration, instead it only detect my iGPU. I tried disable iGPU but VideoProc post no hardware, so i assume iGPU has nothing to do with it. How do i enable it? https://imgur.com/pGveer9 https://imgur.com/5P6rEeG https://imgur.com/4kQrQlA https://imgur.com/Lz2YDXY https://imgur.com/BavXTIn config.plist.zip
  3. Sorry I don't understand, I tried changing device ID still not able to apply patch 0xFF, 0x67, 0x00, 0x00\n 0x5D, 0x66, 0x00, 0x00\n Device iD is correct my GPU ACPI PCI location is correct I will send you a screenshot from windows device manager https://imgur.com/a/shx9Kd4 I am trying to spoof GPU my id 0x66581002 to 0x665D1002 that is close to my GPU that is natively supported in MacOSX. my GPU is XFX AMD R7 260X can you check this .aml file that I madeSSDT-GPU-SPOOF.zip
  4. Mald, I try applying the patch in MacIASL can't hit apply... i can attach image link here. https://imgur.com/TNzN7Tu
  5. Thanx Mald, I've got a AMD R7 260x with a device id 6658 and Vendor 1002 which is not supported by Catalina I am trying to fake ID but don't know at Opencore. There is a tutorial for SSDT-GPU-SPOOF I did it, but it doesn't seems to work. Other option is to inject Fake ID spoof to Device Properties at config.plist I tried but no luck or I just not making the right settings.
  6. Hello Mald how are you man, hope you OK with this Corona Virus Pandemic. Self Quarantine brought me back to doing my hackintosh build again. Can you make me a new DSDT for opencore. Send me Ericks-iMac.zip
  7. I am getting error at open core boot OC:prelinked AppleALC.kext some other kext also. I am using the latest Opencore, drivers and kext.
  8. Mald this is the full dump of RunMe.app Send me Ericks-iMac.zip
  9. Mald i will re-upload my original DSDT from clover F4 can you edit it again thanks. origin.zip
  10. https://imgur.com/a/9zMGrun/img] Mald i am getting a error from the edited DSDT giving me a long list of errors. I checked the DSDT of original to the edited. The original says DSDT GBT and the edited is DSDT BOCHS.
  11. Hello, Can you help me patch my DSDT and SSDT for this new mini-PC, it's a Gigabyte Brix Model GB-Bri5H-8250u. Cpu is not showing proper clock speed of 1.6 Ghz it shows 1.8 Ghz It's like is getting overlocked automatically. Send me Ericks-iMac.zip
  12. Thanks, Mald0n, I have a question about DSDT editing... Errors= Need to be 0 Warning= Less as possible Remarks= I guess needs to be less as possible too? Optimization= This is my question... Does this need to be lower or higher? or keep it less like a warning?
  13. Hello, can you guys help me figure out my DSDT I only have 2 warnings left and I really want it to get fixed. I am trying to learn to patch DSDT and this last 2 warnings left I can't figure out... DSDT.zip
  14. Thank very much Mald0n for the DSDT edit. The DSDT has no error now and only 8 warnings but whenever i use the DSDT, one of my motherboard fans are spinning 100% i send you a zip file of the DSDT that you edit and the photo of the Fan of my motherboard that spins 100%. when i remove the DSDT you edit it goes to normal so i assume it has something to do with the DSDT. DSDT and Fan Image.zip
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