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  1. I tried new all I get is pci configuration end bridges 5 devices 14 Any ideas? I have googled it and tried all suggestions no luck. Seems the HD 530 does want to play. I had it working for a while "(with this old folder)". Then something got corrupt and stopped working snakeman
  2. Here are my RunMe files Thanks, https://filebin.net/xjsr04ewca0t71g9
  3. Trying now, KernelPanic Instantly snakeman
  4. I have a Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700 24ish i5 6400 intel hd530 nvidia gtx650M going to use nvidia disable in clover I can not get it to boot just hangs with black screen or stops at appleapcicpu. Please help thanks I cannot supply the other files until I get it to boot snakeman DSDT.aml.zip
  5. @MaLd0n Thanks I have it working with the frame buffer patcher vdadecoder acceleration now I need to check if encoding For hevc works I could not find a way to change it "DVMT" in bios so I used the framebuffer patcher. I still have a strange overcorrect issue with one of the usb ports. Running very smooth because of you! I want to to try patching myself I downloaded the image and I still can't fin the patches for DSDT. Cheers excellent work, Sir snakeman
  6. Thanks trying it in a few minutes, Not working with Hardware Accel .......... HD 530 6 or 7mb intel injection doesnt work either I need the DVMT fix that is no longer supported in Mojave Can we do that in DSDT or do I need to patch the framebuffer etc or WEG This computer doesnt have a way to manully set it. snakeman
  7. Hi MaLd0n. Help me set up DSDT.aml for Mojave 10.14.1 (18B75) i5-6500 Dell Optiplex 5040 SFF onboard graphics HD 530 If you can point me in the direction of the patches . I will give it try myself I would like min. kexts setup like your machine in the stickie Dunno if I need a SSDT.aml. I will take a look at the intel gadget (seems to be throttling ok) I have a weird over current issue on the USB ports for some reason also, on every boot. I am currently booting High Sierra 10.13.6 snakeman Send me snakeman.zip
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