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  1. Hi, I installed the clover boot loader from the link provided in the post install three, but whenever I am booting I get boot0af error. I am using my installation usb to boot overtime Can you please help me with it
  2. Thanks but I don't have clover installed. I use my installation USB to boot in Mac. Is there a guide for installing clover?
  3. I am able to use yosemite on my laptop, but there are 2 things which I am not able to solve. One is the brightness but that is not he issues for me. Another one is the webcam. How can I make yosemite detect my in built hp webcam of my laptop? Any help please
  4. I installed mac successfully on my hp pavilion g6. HOWEVER, I am not able to install on my another hp laptop. I disabled the secured boot, enabled legacy boot and booted into clover. However, when I select boot mac from the installation USB, my screen goes black and laptop boots into windows. I tried booting with nv_disable=1 but still the same problem Below are the specifications of my laptop - Intel i7 8GB RAM Intel HD graphics family Nvidia GForce 840M I will really appreciate it if you can help me with this
  5. Never mind I fixed it. I removed voodoohda, patched applehda and reinstalled voodoohda. Now my audio is working fine. I need help with wireless though. My broadcom card is not recognised , Vendor ID - 14e4 Device ID - 4727 NAME - Broadcom 4313 wireless
  6. Intel 7th series chipset High Definition Audio
  7. I used it but the volume is too low I applied the half volume fix but still nothing
  8. Thanks it worked, I was able to boot into the installer.
  9. Okay thanks I will try the fixes from the link you provided.
  10. Nope I didn't try any other fixes than the ones I told How to write these in clover? Also I am not able to boot into single user mode to edit for the Bluetooth issue. As soon as I press enter on single user verbose mode, clover starts to boot like usual followed by the same error.
  11. I tried with the following - USB Ownership cpus=1 7 series patch HP laptop kernel patch Still got the same issue but it was a little different this time.
  12. Hi, I tried installing it on my laptop. I preferred chameleon over clover at first. BUT chameleon didn't work at all. It stopped after the following - no ramdisk config mounting done I tried with clover, and added cpus=1 and it took me till Missing bluetooth controller transport. Then the screen distorted. I am attaching screenshots. Please help
  13. Hi, Newbie here I installed yosemite on my laptop but there is no audio. Following are the device ids for my audio chipset. I will really appreciate it if you guys can help me out. Name - Intel High Definition Audio Vendor Id - Device Id 111D - 76D9 The compatible Ids are - 8086 - 1E20
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