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  1. Hey Maldon, Seeing if i could get some more of your DSDT magic. Im using the iMac 19,1 SMBIOS this time around. iGPU enabled. Trying to get DRM working. Any help would be much appreciated https://drive.google.com/open?id=19NAJqQ8JvGBn8bxS9naJPfACKIcPip_s :PS: The forum wont let me attach me files for some reason "hence the GDrive link"
  2. Hey maldon, Needing your help once again lol. Ive got a sensor/fans SSDT for my laptop for the life of me i cant get it to compile out without a ton of errors. My knowledge is limited on this. In the past ive just dropped this SSDT in clover and all still seems to work fine. But i cant see any fan controls in iStat or Hardware monitor. Any ideas? SSDT-3-Ther_Rvp.aml.zip SSDT-1-sensrhub.aml.zip
  3. Added in 37 seconds: [ref]tikizondo94[/ref], try other kext version You the man! my bad. I forgot to add my ethernet kext to Clover/Kexts/Other. Working flawless now. Thank you Maldon!
  4. Added in 12 minutes 53 seconds: [ref]tikizondo94[/ref], remove _prw inside device xhc Set return on _prw in device XHC to zero. That seemed to fix my instant wake issue. I use the power button to wake which is fine. But still no ethernet after waking from sleep. Just shows "cable unplugged" in network settings.
  5. Hey Maldon, Another hack that could use your magic. All is working flawless, but could always be a little better Any help would be much appreciated Send me Pauls-iMac-Pro.zip
  6. Id use MacBookPro 14,1 for your SmBios. I have a dell with almost that same setup and never could get QE/CI to work with my UHD620. Mine has the i7 8550u is the only difference. Anyways i wish you luck
  7. Well i seemed to get battery status working. Rehabs patch for dsdt seemed to work. Battery now shows charging correct info. Only thing left is brightness. I can see the brightness display scale in system preferences, But if i try to click on the slider the screen goes black instantly and its not easy to get back working again lol. Nor does the display brightness keys on my keyboard work. Keyboard backlighting work fine. Any ideas?
  8. Awesome! System Boots with this DSDT. PCI devices all show. Battery still shows 0% Trackpad works but does not show in system preferences. What patch do i need in my config for battery? Im currently using the usual ACPIBatteryManager.kext. Sorry for my ignorance.. config.plist.zip
  9. Hey Maldon, New laptop. Almost all is working except battery shows "not installed" and Display Brightness Crashes when touched. Attached are my debugging file. Your help would be most appreciated Send me Pauls-MacBook-Pro-111.zip
  10. Hey Maldon. Sorry to keep this up. But, Im still having the same issue. Heres the setup. Dell Inspiron 7370,"Laptop" i7 8550u, Intel UHD 620, Samsung NMVe 512, 16GB Ram, Mojave 10.14 Beta, Display 1920x1080. Im dual booting windows and OSX. Windows is on the first partition and OSX is on the second. Im booting UEFI. Ive done a full wipe of the original OSX partition. Reformatted to HFSplus and the Installer formats to APFS during the install process. Im using your Clover installer folder and Post Installer folder. Ive changed FakeID and IG-PlatformID as requested to the 0x59168086 and 0x59160000 also tried 0x591b0000. And still at boot it locks at gIOScreenLockState. I can still boot with 0x59120000 But it only gives QE/CI on my External HDMI port as previous attempts. Im still able to boot with 0x12345678 to get into OSX but its not alot of help to patch KBL due to incomplete info in IOreg. Previously Ive tried Patch AppleKBL framebuffer but was unsuccessful. It seemed to make no difference or I would lose External HDMI port. Attached is a screen shot of my verbose lock point and also the send me files. Sorry about this. I know im a pain lol. I really appreciate all your help. Send me Pauls-MacBook-Pro.zip IMG_20180702_072312.jpg.zip
  11. Thanks maldon. Ill give it a shot. Sorry to be a burden. Your help is absolutely appreciated. Ill give the DSDT a shot that you sent me. Laptops are a whole new world for me. Ive always had discrete graphics and this intel internal stuff can be a real pain! lol. Thanks again bro.
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