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  1. Hi MaLd0n.

    I also contacted Antelope support and got this response:

    "Yes, we do not support Hackintosh configurations indeed (Thunderbolt / USB is not officially supported either)
    I believe antelopes driver uses thunderbolt local node somehow (in case devices are networked) and as thunderbolt networking doesn't work on hackintosh yet this is probably why the drivers don't work.

    Sound card return and replacement with Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Quad.

    I tested the sound card from a friend
    Sound Presonus quantum 2 works perfectly.

    I am waiting for the new sound card from Germany thomann.de

  2. Hi MaLd0n.

    Hi MaLd0n.

    I have a problem does not recognize thunderbolt.

    pci1d4b, A260

    Type: Unknown

    Slot: Thunderbolt @ 189,0,0

    Please help me !

    RunMe.app + JPEG + bios

    With afx2daw you will be able to use your favourite Antelope FX in the DAW. Currently available for Thunderbolt on macOS.




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