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  1. i need help with shut down and reboot it will not shut down or reboot on snow leopard and also trying to install el capitan Send me Randy Winters’s Mac Pro 2.zip
  2. after to getting thru the install of el capitan and when i try to boot to hd i had to use cpus=1 and it got to this point, extension sdk not present attempting to rebuild and then it shuts down any idea why?
  3. and can i just use win32diskimager and how to make it bootable
  4. I get half way thru the installer and says installation fail cant copy necessary files restart and try again HELP
  5. any luck with my dsdt patch sorry i think you uploaded it im new
  6. where can i download chameleon Yosemite install app r2570-v7
  7. sorry but if you read my last post i did that with npci=0x2000 and npci=03000 and nothing worked sorry i didn't mean to dis respected anyone one this group
  8. I am trying to get to get 10.8.5 installed but cant get by pci configuration begin i have tried npci=0x2000 and npci=0x3000 and i have no idea what to do now Thanks in advance And i have installed aitkos snow leopard on my laptop so i think i should be able to install other os x on this
  9. i hope i did this right, i used dsdt editor and extracted dsdt Thank you very much Send me randy roy’s MacBook Pro 2 2.zip
  10. need dsdt for: I have a intel moblie core 2 duo T7300 cpu dell inspiron 1720 intel chipset pm965 southbridge 8281hbm (ich-me)
  11. Send me randy roy’s MacBook Pro.zipHello I am new at this stuff, i installed Aitkos Snow leopard but can not install any other osx i have been researching and it seems i need a dsdt in order to go any farther, your help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to get Yosemite installed but i am stuck Thanks in advanced Randy Send me randy roy’s MacBook Pro 2.zip
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