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  1. Is .dmg the full image of the installation completed and can be recovered directly to usb disk or hard drive as an installed system? I can't access google drive, I want a torrent, use bt to download the way. The file in this url is a mirror image of install big sur. I want a mirror that completes the installation and can be restored directly to the hard drive for use. Previously, I used Apple's official production of an installation image made with the command to install usb disk, and after the installation (one night). I was on the stuck on waiting for dsmos (I asked you abou
  2. Hello, MaLd0n, I'm from China and I can't get from Link 1- https://tinyurl.com/ybttsz94 Link 2 - https://tinyurl.com/ydxme7jl download .dmg files,you torrent files.Do you provide torrent files?
  3. MaLd0n,I reconfied the confi.plist and efi folders, kext folders, a'c'pi folders, but I got a new error, all staying near the waiting fo'r d'mo's (appleintei2c and appleahcidiskqueuemanager). waiting for dsmos 02.zip
  4. think MaLd0n : I've replaced the dp interface with the dp-to-hdmi interface and now can drive the rx 570. I learned that rx 480 has a total of 5 display interfaces, in order of dp dp dp hdmi hdmi dvi, is there a way to change this order?
  5. Can displayport to hdmi transfer replace the monitor of the dp interface?
  6. hello MaLd0n,My previous question:My motherboard is ga-ep35-ds3 and the cpu is intel e3110. Just purchased a SAPPHIRE rx 570(RX 480) graphics card, macos 10.15.4 detected vram 6mb. I tried to replace the dp interface display, ViewSonic 2k display, and now the system detects vram 14mb. What do I need to do? Your method, flash powercolor vbios, I didn't go to try, stuck to the internet, because I didn't know that flash that version of vbios. In my case, has the flash powercolor vbios problem solved? Sorry again, my English level is not good, please help solve my problem, thank you!
  7. thank you ! I'll try.
  8. Which vendor's rx 570 vbios can be used as an alternative?
  9. thank you! MaLd0n , my computer (Motherboard:GA-EP35-DS3 with legacy bios), using the dp interface can drive rx 570? If I can't don't try the dp interface because I don't have a monitor of the dp interface. If possible, I'll go find a monitor with the dp interface. Thank you again.
  10. Hello, MaLd0n, please forgive me first, my native language is not English, this is a translation by bing translator. My motherboard is ga-ep35-ds3 and the cpu is intel e3110. Just purchased a SAPPHIRE rx 570 graphics card, enterthe macos Catalina after the vram display is only 6m. It feels like ytske, but my motherboard has only legacy bios, and I'd like to ask if this can drive the RX 570 under hackintosh. Thank you!
  11. [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], How do I run on a machine that cannot be started, or get information on the machine that does not start properly.
  12. [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], Hello mald0n, I found the reason for my ThinkPad x270 stop “end Randrom seed” (no “+” string). As long as the Drivers64uefi in the Clover folder exists Fsinject-64.efi it will occur. But without Fsinject-64.efi, then the kext in the other can not be loaded. How do I solve this problem, or do I have to load the kext in the other without Fsinject-64.efi? Thank you!
  13. Whether with a config2.plist file, I don't want to download an image file. Thank you! Added in 45 minutes 47 seconds: I tested it, but it was still the error.
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