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  1. Ok so... do you have the patches to apply in MaciASL for my mobo, so I can patch my original DSDT?
  2. My apologies: since I started fiddling with OpenCore I did just one sleep check (that failed), but it seems after enabling "plugin-type=1" via SSDT-PLUG.aml and after adding the correct device id and ig-platform-id for my IGPU, sleep works as it should. Remaining problems: internal audio doesn't work, but HDMI audio does (Lilu and AppleALC are within my kexts folder, don't know what to check) and USB behaviour (still have to double check that every port works the way it should). Regarding DSDT and SSDT, some questions: - Can I use a DSDT for populating PCI entries in System Prof
  3. Hi there! Need a hand on this one: I've my system booting almost perfectly via OpenCore 0.5.2 with the attached settings. The only problems are not being able to use my previous DSDT (patched by maldon), some USB-related doubts and no sleep. Probably a valid DSDT for OpenCore would fix all my issues, given that the same system boots perfect (with maldon's patched DSDT) via Clover. So my problem is that my previous DSDT doesn't work with OpenCore, so I need a new one. Could you please help me? Thanks in advance! PD: The forum only allows my Clover setup to be attached to th
  4. Hi! Here is my info for a Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0 + i7 8700k CPU + dual Sapphire Pulse RX580. Hoping someone can patch DSDT for a fully working system (right now I'm having some USB & sleep problems). Thanks in advance! Send me ultrazonestudioss-iMac.zip
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